Who Moved My Cheese Summary In English

Who Moved My Cheese Summary – Once upon a time, four people lived near a maze. Among them were two rats – Sniff and Scurry. And there were two little men – Hem and Haw.

Once all four of them found a lot of cheese kept at a cheese station C. They were very happy with this. He felt that this cheese was enough for his whole life.

And by eating it, they can live life happily. Now he didn’t even need to wander here and there.

Sniff and Scurry used to get up early every morning. And used to eat cheese by going to station C. Apart from this, they used to roam in other parts of the maze as well.

In contrast, Hem and Haw used to get up late. They used to think that the cheese is only at the station. Where is he going to go from there? You will go and eat easily. Due to this mentality, he had become very lethargic and lazy.

We were very happy to get Sniff and Scurry cheese. Still, he kept his eyes, nose, and ears open. He used to measure the cheese every morning to see how much cheese was left. They were not sluggish. Rather kept himself active.

Who Moved My Cheese Summary

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He soon realized that the cheese is slowly dying out. And one day it may even end.

But Hem and Haw never noticed this. They thought cheese was too much and could never end.
One day Sniff and Scurry reached cheese station C and saw that there was no cheese there. But this did not surprise them much. They were already prepared for such a situation.

He knew that one day this could happen. He was neither angry, sorry, nor sad, also didn’t waste any time. And went to find a new cheese station.

But when Hem and Haw reached cheese station C, they were shocked. Because the cheese was not there. Hem started shouting angrily and said – who removed this cheese from here? Both kept getting frustrated for a long time.

Then Hem said – Sniff and Scurry are not here. Maybe they have gone somewhere else to find cheese. Shall we go too? Haw said – no. They are just rats. They don’t even have a clue. We are human and are more intelligent than them. We will use our brains to do everything as before.
On the other hand, Sniff and Scurry were engaged in finding new cheese every day. He set out on new paths every day. And kept working hard.

Finally one day he found a new Cheese – Station N. More cheese was kept at this station than ever before. This made Sniff and Scurry very happy. They started living happily again.
On the other hand, Hem and Haw were still crying about the disappearance of cheese. They were cursing others. was suffering from frustration. Sometimes they were expressing sorrow and sometimes regret.

Who Moved My Cheese Summary

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Then Haw said why not go inside the maze and find more cheese? Hem said it would be very risky. The maze can be fraught with dangers. And they should not leave the comfort of here and go anywhere.

Here they are at ease. What if they get lost in the maze? And what would happen if there was no cheese inside? In this way, he kept on saying all kinds of negative things. After a while Hem and Haw went home on empty stomach.
That’s how they both used to go there every day. And thinking that maybe today cheese would have come back. But many such days passed. There no cheese came back.

Then they started doing some useless hard work. They felt that the cheese was not buried in the ground. So they started digging the pit. They would come and dig a pit every day. But still, they did not get any cheese.
One day Haw started laughing seeing all this. When asked by Hem, he said that we are doing the same work every day. But want result new. This is foolishness.

He says that now they should go to the maze. But Hem argues with that a lot. But refuses to go in search of new cheese. In the end, Haw goes inside the maze alone in search of cheese.
Haw is initially intimidated by the maze’s twisty roads. But still, he keeps on moving slowly. Slowly he realized that the roads to the maze are not as bad and dangerous as he had previously imagined.

Who Moved My Cheese Summary

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Now his fear slowly started to dissipate. He started having new experiences on the journey. He still did not have cheese but still, he was happy. It looked like he was going on a new adventure.

By now all the fear in his mind was gone. And he was going on every new path fearlessly.

One day he gets a new Cheese – Station E. But going inside he sees that only small pieces of cheese were lying there. Now Haw thinks that if he had come earlier, he would have got this cheese.

He eats cheese on his stomach. And collects some cheese and goes back to Hem. By now Hem’s condition had become very bad.

Haw gives her cheese and tells her that more cheese can be found inside. But Hem says that he does not want new cheese. He needs the same old cheese. He was still full of negative thoughts.

After this Haw again goes to the maze to find new cheese. He also leaves a mark behind him so that whenever Hem wants to come, he can come easily. On the way, Haw used to get pieces of cheese here and there. While eating them, he kept on moving forward.

Who Moved My Cheese Summary

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Similarly one day Haw gets Cheese – Station N. There was so much cheese there that he is surprised to see. He saw that Sniff and Scurry were already there. Now Haw also starts living there.

But now he does not create a comfort zone like before. Rather, it keeps on analyzing the cheese every day to see if the cheese is getting worse or less.

Apart from this, he used to roam around other places also. So that when the time comes, he will find his way quickly. Now Haw was living his life happily. His only regret was that he wished Hem had come there too.
In the theme of the book: Friends, Alfred Wallace (who gave the theory of evolution with Darwin) said –
It is not necessary that only the most intelligent species will survive. Rather than species survival which adapts itself according to the situation.

Sniff and Scurry were just rats. They were not intelligent as humans. But he had adapted himself to the change. So they were able to survive well.

This is the main theme of this book.

You must have also seen, many times those who get more marks in the exam are not able to do anything big in life. Whereas those with fewer marks get a lot of success. Because they adapt according to the situation.

Who Moved My Cheese Summary

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5 lessons from the book: Who Moved My Cheese Summary

Friends, in this book cheese, means any comfortable situation in your life. Like your job, home, relationship, business, etc. All these can change anytime. So always keep yourself ready for change

In this book we get the following 5 lessons to adapt to change:

1) Change happens – cheese can be changed at any time

Friends, change means change is the law of nature. Your good situation can be changed at any time. Like in corona time there was a big change in teaching.

Till now teachers used to prefer chalk and board only. But when online teaching started, different types of apps like Google meet, Zoom, MS teams, etc. started being used.

Some teachers who were like Sniff and Scurry quickly learned these apps and switched to this mode. But teachers like Hem kept counting the merits of the chalkboard method and the problems of online teaching apps.

Teachers like Haw also learned all this late and slowly but rightly.

So those who have adapted themselves, have extended the syllabus of the children far ahead. But those who were resisting change did not even open the book.

Imagine how much pressure would have come on such teachers to complete the syllabus when schools or colleges opened after Corona. How much burden would it have on the students? Due to this, the whole system would come to a standstill.

Such examples are present in every field.

Who Moved My Cheese Summary

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2) Anticipate change – get ready for the cheese to be moved

Wise is the one who already understands that change is about to come. With this, he will be able to prepare himself to adapt according to that change.

If new software is going to be installed in your office, then you can start classes related to it already. A lot can also be learned from the Internet or YouTube.

3) Monitor the change – keep smelling the cheese

Always keep seeing that there is no change in home or office etc.

If you sit in your comfort zones like Hem and Haw, you will get lazy. And will not be able to adapt himself to change from time to time.

So always keep yourself up-to-date. Read the news, meet friends, and keep talking to informative people.

Who Moved My Cheese Summary

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4) Adapt to change quickly : Who Moved My Cheese Summary

You must remember that earlier there was a Kodak company which used to make photographic films (reel). The whole market was dominated by the company itself.

But when the digital camera came on the market, he thought that no one would use it. He did not prepare the company for this change. As a result, the name of Kodak has been erased today.

Friends, if some change is coming in life, then quickly adapt yourself to that change. Sometimes people lose their jobs. Due to this, some people go into depression.

But it is better to be proactive and find a new job. In a private job, you should always keep a list of 10 jobs ready, which you can do if you miss the current job.

There are many job websites on which jobs can be found. A profile can be created on LinkedIn, employment news can also prove to be helpful.

That is to say – where there is a will there is a way.

5) Enjoy the change : Who Moved My Cheese Summary

If you consider change as a burden, you will not be able to live life happily. So learn to be happy even in the new change.

If you have taken a new job then make new friends there. Be happy and keep others happy too

Who Moved My Cheese Summary

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