Wings Of Fire Summary In English

Wings Of Fire Summary – I am a deep well on this land for countless boys and girls to keep quenching their thirst. His unconditional mercy pours down on every living thing in the same way that a well quenches everyone’s thirst. Such is the story of Mary, the son of Jainulabdeen and Aashinamma. Story of a boy who used to help his brother by selling newspapers. The story of the disciple who was brought up by Shiva Subymaniam Iyer and Ana Doraisolomon. The story of the student who was trained by the Pendule Master, M.G.K. Menon, and Professor Sarabhai gave the identity of the engineer.

The one who grew up in failures and difficulties and became a scientist and the story of that leader with whom there was a team of innumerable capable and talented people to walk with.

My story will end with me because in worldly terms I have no capital, I have not achieved, I have not accumulated, I have nothing and I have no son, no daughter, no family. I do not want to be an example for others, but perhaps some readers should get inspiration that the ultimate happiness is the mind of the soul and soul, it is the mercy of God, and it is their inheritance.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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The family line of my great-grandfather Avul, my grandfather Fakir and my father-in-law Genalubdeen will end on Abdul Kalam, but God’s mercy will never end because he is immortal, he is Lavani.

I was born in a middle-class Tamil family of city Rameswaram. My father, Genabludin, had neither education nor wealth, but despite these compulsions, he had a philanthropist.

There was a spirit and a helper like my mother, Aashiamma and among many of her children, I was also a boy with a small stature, a small stature of the parents. We lived in our ancestral house which was once built in the twentieth century. There was a very large and spacious house, in Rameshwaram’s Masjid Street. My father used to stay away from all kinds of luxuries, but all the necessary things were very rare.

The truth is that my childhood was very safe, both mentally and emotionally. Materially and emotionally. The famous Shiva temple of Rameswar was just ten minutes away from our house. Most of the population in our area was Muslim, yet many Hindu households lived in the neighborhood by coincidence.

There was a big old mosque in our area where my father used to take me to pray every evening. Bakshi Lakshmana Shastri, the elder priest of the Rameswaram temple, was a close friend of my father. There was also a memory in the measured memories of their childhood, how both of them, sitting in their customary clothes, used to talk for a long time on spiritual matters.

My father used to narrate even the most difficult spiritual matters in the common language of Tamil. Told me once “When trouble comes, try to understand the reason for the disaster, difficulty always gives a chance to test yourself.”

I have always tried to follow Abba’s principles in my science and technology. I believe that there is a higher power above us too, there is a great power that takes us out of troubles, disappointments, and failures and reaches the point of truth.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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I was about six years old when Abba decided to build a wooden kayak in which he could take passengers from Rameswaram to Dhanushkoti. Take it and bring it back. He used to work as a kayak by laying logs on the seashore, Ahmed Jalaluddin with another relative of ours, later he was married to Mary Aapa Zohra.

Although Ahmed Jalaluddin was fifteen years older than me, our friendship was solidified. Both of us used to go out for long walks in the evening. After leaving Masjid street, our first stop used to be the Shiva temple, around which we used to perform circumambulation with as much reverence as the pilgrims coming from outside.

Jalaluddin could not read and write much because of the condition of his house, but in the era, I am talking about, in those days there was only one person in our area who knew how to write English.

Jalaluddin always used to talk about educated people. And one person who bothered me a lot in my childhood was my cousin, my cousin Shamsudin he had a contract for newspapers in Rameswaram and used to do all the work alone. Every morning the newspaper used to reach Rameswaram railway station by train.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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In 1939, the second Alamgir war started, The Second Word War, at that time I was eight years old. Hindustan had to join the Etihad Fauj and an emergency-like situation had arisen. The only accident that happened was that the stop of the train at Rameswaram station was canceled and the bundle of newspapers would now be thrown from the moving train on the road passing between Rameswaram and Dhanushkoti.

Shamsuddin was forced to hire a helper who could collect newspaper bundles from the road, I got that opportunity and Shamsudin became the reason for my first income.

Every child who is born is affected by some social and economic conditions and some by his emotional environment and in the same way his health. I inherited kindness and self-discipline from my father and faith in goodness and kindness from my mother, but the effect that Jalaluddin Shamshudin had on me did not only separate my childhood, but it also had a huge impact on my life. .

Then the war ended and India’s independence was assured. I sought permission from Abba to leave Rameswaram. I wanted to go to the District Headquarters Ramanathapuram to study. Shamsuddin and Jalaluddin accompanied me to Ramanathapuram, to enroll me in Swarts High School. I don’t know why I didn’t like that new environment.

Ramanathapuram was a very famous city and had a population of about fifty thousand but Rameswaram was nowhere to be found. I used to miss home a lot and I would not miss any chance to return home.

After entering Swarts High School, all the hobbies that a fifteen-year-old boy could have awakened in me. My teacher Anna Dorai Solomon was a wonderful friend, a guide for the young man before whom life’s immense potential was about to open. In that period of Ramanathapuram, my relationship with him went beyond that of Ustad Shagird or Guru Shishya. Anna Dorai used to say “To be successful in life and get results, it is very important to overcome three things, desire, belief, and hope.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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Anna Dorai, who later became the Reverend, used to say, “Before I wish something could happen, before that I wish for it with all my heart and be sure that it will happen.” If I give an example from my life, then since childhood, I was always surprised and facialized by the nature of the sky and the nature of birds.

When he saw the keys and herons flying high in the ocean, he wanted to fly. I was a simple village boy but I was sure that one day I will reach the heights of flying high like those keys.

And the fact is that I was the first boy to fly from Rameswaram. While getting educated in Swarts school, self-confidence had settled in me and I was sure that I would achieve success. I will continue the training, there was no other thought in it.

In 1950, I joined St. Joseph’s College, Trichy to study Intermediate. When I took admitted to St. Joseph’s College to do a B.Sc degree, I knew only about higher education. It did not know that there could be anything else for higher education, nor did it know what else could be achieved in the future by studying science. I came to know only after passing my B.Sc. Physics was not my subject.

To fulfill my dream, I should have gone into engineering, but I don’t know why some people think that science makes man closer to God, but for me, science has been the reason for determination, faith, and spiritual work.

Somehow I got into the list of candidates of MIT ie Madras Engineering and Technology, but his admission was very expensive, at least one thousand rupees was needed and my father did not have that much money. At that time my Akka, my Aapa Zohra arranged my fees by selling their gold rings and chains.

I was blown away seeing his hope and confidence. I had the most fun at MIT. Seeing there lay two airplanes, which had been acquitted of flight, one felt a strange vibe. And when the rest of the boys used to go to the hostel, I used to sit beside them for an hour and a half.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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After the completion of the first year, when I had to choose my more happy subjects, I immediately chose Aeronautical Engineering. While studying at MIT, I got three teachers did a great job. Prof. KAV Mendelin, Prof. Sponder, Prof. Narasimha Rao. Prof. Sponder used to teach technical aerodynamics.

I had consulted him even before I took admission in mechanical engineering. He explained to me that “Before deciding Mustaqbil one should not think about the potential of Mustaqbil but should think about a good foundation and about their attitude and relationship that how much intensity they have, how much intensity is in aptitude and inspiration.

I want to tell engineering students that when they choose their specialization, then they have to see how much enthusiasm and passion they have to go into that hobby. Prof. KA V. Mendelian taught me aero structure design and its kanji too. Analysis as well. He was a very happy and friendly teacher and every year he used to come up with a new way, a new perspective.

Prof. Narasimha Rao was a mathematician, who used to teach the theory of aerodynamics. By joining his class, I started liking Mathematics and Physics more than all other subjects.

From MIT, I joined Hindustan Aeronautical Limited, Bangalore as a trainee. When I came out of HAL as a graduate in Aeronautical Engineering, life posed two opportunities in front of me. Both could fulfill the dream of my parwaz. There was an opportunity for the Directorate of Technical Development and Production in the Air Force’s second Ministry of Defense.

I sent the application to both of them and at that time both of them got a call for an interview. I was called to Dehradun for Air Force and Delhi for Defense. Both my places were at a distance of two thousand kilometers and this was my first time seeing my Vasil and Virat Watan. Sitting at the window, I was surprised to see the land of this country flowing from under my feet, and how the landscape of the same country changed while traveling north.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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I stayed in Delhi for a week. Defense ministry interview. The interview was good, and from there I went to Dehradun for an interview with the Air Force Selection Board. I came at number nine out of twenty-five candidates. My heart sank.

I was very disappointed and regretted for many days that the opportunity to join the Air Force went out of my hands. I went to Rishikesh, carrying this burden on my heart that the coming days will be very tough. Bathed in the Ganges and then walked to the nearby hill to reach Shivanand Ashram.

I met Swami Sivananda. Gautam Buddha looked exactly like him. White milkmaids wash their feet and a wooden stand on their feet. Was very impressed to see his innocent smile and the simple heart of children. I told him how I had stopped being an Indian in the Indian Air Force and how much I wanted to fly in the skies, to do Parwaz. He smiled and said, “If the desire comes out of the heart, then it is pure and if there is passion in it, then it has amazing electromagnetic energy.

There is a power like a bark Makati. When the brain sleeps, that energy goes out in the silence of the night, and in the morning, the cosmic stars come back to the brain by accommodating the speed of motion with them. That’s why what is thought must have been created. You will believe in this bond, on the promise that the sun will return. Spring will come again. I returned to Delhi.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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Revealed the result of his interview in Defense. In response, I was handed an appointment letter. And from the next day, the Senior Scientific Assistant was appointed on a monthly salary of Rs.250. Three years have passed. In those days a new division of Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) opened in Bangalore and I was posted there.

Bangalore was a completely free-living city from Kanpur. I had spent the first year of my directorate there. There is a strange way in our country, there is a strange way to squeeze our people to the limit, which makes our people like us. Perhaps because for centuries, the country has suffered the wounds of the culture of non-nationals and has given them a place in its oppression.

We have lost our status, our iftida while being loyal to different rulers. Rather, we have created another quality that at the same time it is kind and merciless, it is also laughable and it is also shameless. The deeper it is, the more superficial it is. If we look from above, we look very happy and beautiful, but if we look carefully, then we are nothing more than a foolish imitation of our rulers.

I saw a lot of imitators of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the betel-pressed paan in Kanpur, and there was no dearth of sahibs in Bangalore carrying a dog’s chain in the style of firangis. While living in Bangalore, I longed for the deeply relaxed and serene atmosphere of Rameswaram.

In the first year, there was not much work in ADE. A project team was formed to prepare an indigenous hovercraft in three years and which was ready ahead of time. He was named after the ride of Shiva. Its design was better than we expected but I was deeply disappointed when the entire project was put on hold and closed without mutual controversy.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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Prof. M. Yes. Of. Menon, Director of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, suddenly one day came to our investigation. Nandi was mentioned, interrogating me, and he expressed his desire for a ten-minute flight. It was a week later that I got a call from INSCOSPER.

I went to Mumbai to give an interview. Among those who interviewed me was Vikram Sarabhai, MGK Menon, besides Mr. Saraf, who was then the deputy secretary of the Atomic Energy Commission. Dr. Sarabhai’s warmth captivated my heart during the very first meeting. The very next day I got the news that I had been selected. I was inducted into INCOSPAR as a rocket engineer.

In 1962, somewhere in the Serena part, Incospar decided to build an equatorial rocket launch station at Thumba. Thumba is the name of a remote village beyond Trivandrum in Kerala. In India, it was a subdued effort of modern rocket-based research, a small beginning.

Soon after, I was sent to America for six months. For rocket launching training at NASA. Before leaving, I took some time off. My father was very happy about this success of mine and took me to the same mosque and offered Shukran prayer.

I started my work at the NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia. Goddard Fly Space Center later moved to Maryland. I can express my impression of Americans through Benjamin Franklin’s phrase “Things that hurt, they also get an education.”

There is a great difficulty in the organization here in Indian Tanjimo. The above one is the big cockerel. Taking the opinion of those younger than yourself, junior and subordinates consider it to be their limit. No man can show his worth if you keep on accusing him. The line between principle and restriction, restriction and strictness, strictness and oppression is very fine, fine. His identity is very important.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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As soon as I returned from NASA, India’s first rocket launch took place. On 21 November 1963, that sounding rocket was the Apache Nike. After the success of Nike Apache, Prof Sarabhai expressed his passion and his dream. The dream of an Indian satellite launch vehicle ISLV. The dream of the Indian rocket can also be called the dream of the 20th century, which Tipu Sultan had seen.

Tipu Sultan’s army consisted of 27 brigades called cushions and each brigade had a squad of rockets who lived together and were called jacks. When Tipu Sultan was killed, the British recovered 700 rockets and 900 rocket sub-systems.

After the battle of Tirunelveli in 1799, those rockets were sent to England by William Kangri for investigation. To understand its technique, which in today’s science language we call reverse engineering.

After the death of Tipu Sultan, that dream also died for at least one hundred and fifty years. Thanks to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the idea of ​​rocketry was once again alive in India. Prof. Sarabhai took the responsibility of making that dream a reality.

Many people were concerned about the fact that in this country where the community does not have bread for two times, then why are these space flights being given preference to these imaginary tehrikos? But in the view of Prime Minister Pandit Nehru and Sarabhai, there was no kind of Mubarata. His point of view was very clear that if India has to participate in the world affairs, then the progress of science and technology, self-power and self-reliance are necessary and they aim to show power. It was not at all.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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Sahaj Pake So Meetha Ho, two rockets were easily cooked in Thumba one was Rohini and the other Manika was successful. It was already the next year when Prof. Sarabhai sent me to Delhi and there was a meeting in the meeting Group Captain V.S. I was contacted by Narayanan, who was from Air Headquarters.

Prof. Sarabhai expressed his intention to prepare RATO. rocket assistant takes off By evening this news also became common that India is preparing its shaft military aircraft and I am the head, responsible for that project. I was filled with all kinds of emotions. Was happy, thankful too, lucky and there was a feeling of technology, of fulfillment.

Remember this lion of a poet of the 19th century “Always be ready for every day, take every day in the same way, tolerate it when it is in the open when you have a weapon then strike it.

Two important incidents happened while working on RATO. The first was that for the first time in our country, a ten-year program of space research was prepared, whose other was Prof. Sarabhai. For me, it was a romantic manifesto, like a romantic poem of a poet who fell in love with space, as if someone started falling in love with the sky of his country. And the second incident was the preparation of the missile panel in the Ministry of Defense.

Narayanan and I were both members of that panel. By that time the nose map of the future SLV satellite launch vehicle was also ready. Prof. Sarabhai had already selected some other companions to give the message of his Deerina dream. I consider myself lucky, I was elected the leader of that project. On that Prof. Sarabhai also entrusted me with another responsibility I should decide on the fourth stage of the launch itself. It was simple, my talk was that after every missile panel meeting, I would go to Prof. Used to give complete details, and complete reports to Sarabhai.

I was returning to Trivandrum on 23 December 1971 after one such meeting in Delhi and on that day in Thumba Prof. Sarabhai had gone to inspect the SLV. I called him from the lounge of Delhi airport and told him the details of the panel meeting. Prof. Sarabhai said that I am at Trivandrum Airport.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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But wait for them. When I reached Trivandrum, there was mourning in Fiza, I was informed that Prof. Sarabhai is no more. He died a few hours ago due to a heart attack. I was left shaken. I spoke to him only a few hours ago. For me, that was a big shock. Prof. Sarabhai was in my view the father of the nation of Indian science, just as Mahatma Gandhi is. He produced mentors from his team and himself proved to be an example for them through practice.

For some time Prof. MGK Menon took over the work of space research. Bill – finally Prof. Satish Dhawan was given the responsibility of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The entire complex of Thumba was largely converted into a space center and renamed Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC).

A tribute was offered to the place in the name of the one who had established that center. Renowned meteorologist Dr. Brahm Prakash became the first director of VSSC. Any person can be successful in his responsibility only if he is good-natured, passionate and he has the right degree of freedom for his decisions, perhaps this is the only way to achieve in his personal life.

Freedom and responsibility are together only then it can be a bias of task and happiness and I could have pointed out two paths that I have adopted to achieve the freedom of the world. First of all, promote your training and training. Knowledge, knowledge is a very enchanting weapon, it is very useful. The higher the knowledge, the more freedom you are entitled to. Knowledge is the capital that no one can take away, their leadership is possible only if your information is accurate, and updated.

To become a successful leader, it is necessary that when the day’s work is over, you take stock of the previous work, and prepare for the next day’s work. Another way is to consider your work as your fun, and take pride and it is also necessary that you have the right knowledge of the power within you. Have faith in what you do, do what you believe in, or else you will continue to become a victim of others’ faith.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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In the first three years of the SLV project, many new aspects of science were opened, but gradually the difference between science and technology started to be understood. The gap between research and development began to be revealed. Mistakes are bound to happen in any invention, but every mistake takes another step toward success. This becomes another ladder. Like any other, SLV’s contract also went through many painful moments.

One day when I and all my companions were completely immersed in their work, death news came from my house. My friend and my friend my brother-in-law Jalaluddin had passed away. For a while I was numb, and my eyes became dark. After a while, when I realized my chagrin, I felt as if a part of my personality had died. Traveling overnight in buses, I reached Rameswaram the next morning.

What comfort and patience would Zohra give to her niece Mehbooba, who was crying and crying, my
The eyes were already dry. After returning to Thumba, all the work was done for a long time, all the mascots started to seem redundant. I felt very sorry for a long time, everything seemed meaningless. Pro. Dhawan used to encourage for a long time, saying, “As the work progresses on SLV, I will feel patient and this despair will pass away.” In 1976, at the age of 102, my father, Genulabdeen, died in Rameshwaram.

15 grandchildren were left behind and one great-grandson. In the world it was just another old man’s death, there was no great mourning, no flag was lowered, and no dark margins were given in the newspapers. He was not a politician, he was neither a scholar nor a great Sarmaya Dar, a simple human being, the angel was the reason for everything and everything that shows the path of charity and parse. I sat quietly near my mother for a long time and when she woke up to return to Thumba, she prayed with a tearful throat.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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The SLV 3 Apache rocket, which was about to be flown from France, suddenly fell victim to some difficulties. I had to go to France immediately. I was about to leave when the news of my mother’s death reached, one after the other three deaths occurred in my house, at that time I needed full attention on my work.

The desire to work with solar percent diligence leaves no room for any other dedication. The dream of SLV 3 was fulfilled in the middle of 1979 with full dedication and dedication. We fixed 10 August 1979 as the day of SLV3’s Parwaz. This 23-meter long four-stage rocket, carrying a weight of 17 tons, took off with great speed at 7.58 minutes and left for Khala.

The first stage turned out to be solid in every way and the rocket went into the second stage with great ease, we were left feeling breathless. The dream of our years was traveling towards the sky. Suddenly there was a crack in our dreams, our peace was broken, and our silence was broken.

The second stage was getting out of control. After three hundred and seventeen seconds, my hard work and hope were broken, taking the fourth stage along with all the debris that fell into the sea, 560 km from Harikota. We all got a severe shock from this accident, I was filled with anger. Squeezed, both physically and spiritually I went straight to my room and fell on the bed.

I felt a hand of comfort on my shoulder and opened my eyes. It was late afternoon. The evening was near. Dr. Brahma Prakash was sitting by my head. His sympathy touched me, I was sad, sad but not alone. Everyone was satisfied after the technical debate and debate, but I did not get leisurely.

I remained mushy and restless, I stood up impatiently and objected to Prof. In front of Dhawan, “Sir, my colleagues have become leisurely because of missing the reason for the failure but I do not understand it enough, as a directorate in this mission, I also consider this mistake as my responsibility. I am responsible for the failure of SLV 3.”

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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The work of science gives amazing status as well as enthusiasm, happiness as well as deep despair. I kept comforting my heart by thinking of such phrases. The idea that humans can land on the moon was first thought of by a Russian scientist. It took 40 years to make it a reality when America completed it. Prof. Chandrasekhar invented the Chandrasekhar limit in 1930 when he was studying at Cambridge but fifty years later he got the Nobel Prize for the same discovery.

How many failures must have gone through before landing a man on the moon with his satellite launch vehicle? Landing on the top of the mountain does not give the experience of climbing the mountain. Life is met on the top of the mountain, not on the top. Experience is found only on the climbs and life prospers and technology progresses. The knowledge of climbing is attained only in trying to reach the top. I kept walking one step at a time and kept climbing toward the top.

On July 17, 1980, 30 hours before the flight of SLV 3, the headlines of the newspapers were full of different opinions and speculations. Most of the reporters were reminded of the first SLV, how the rocket failed and its debris fell into the sea. Some people even linked it to SLV 3 while mentioning other shortcomings of the country.

I knew that the outcome of the next day was going to decide our future space program. Most of all, the eyes of the whole community were fixed on us. India’s first satellite launch vehicle flew on 18 July 1980 at 8:03 am. I checked all the data of the Rohini satellite on the computer, and within the next two minutes, Rohini was in space. Amid all that noise, I uttered the most important words of my life, “I am the mission director, be ready to hear important news, with the success of the fourth stage, Rohini is entering space with the satellite”

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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When I came out of the block, my comrades lifted me on their shoulders and took out a procession shouting slogans. A wave of enthusiasm ran through the whole community. India had joined the few communities in which the satellite was launched.

There was capability, a big dream of our community was fulfilled, a new waqf of our history was opened, a new chapter. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent a congratulatory telegram and most of all the scientists of India were happy that this whole effort was indigenous, our own. I was going through some mixed emotions,

I was happy that the effort that Bill had tried with the last two days finally succeeded in it but was sad. The people because of whom I reached here were not with me. My father, my brother-in-law Jalaluddin and Prof. Sarabhai | Within a month of the success of SLV 3, Prof.

One day Dhawan got a call and called Delhi to meet the Prime Minister. I had a little confused about the clothes. I always wear clothes with a big income and say slippers or sleepers on my feet. That dress was not like meeting the Prime Minister, not for me, but his respect. Heard Prof. Dhawan say ‘Don’t worry about the clothes, the splendid success you are wearing is enough’

Republic Day 1981 brought me the great news that I have been awarded Padma Bhushan. I filled my room with Bismillah Khan’s shehnai. The sound of shehnai took me somewhere else, I reached Rameshwaram. Mama hugged me, Abba stroked my hair with her fingers and my friend Rafiq was announcing my reward at Jalaluddin Mosque.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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My sister Zohra made sweets at home. Bakshi Laxman Shastri applied tilak on my forehead and Father Solomon prayed with a cross in my hand and Prof. Saw Sarabhai. There was a smile on his face, he was proud that the plant he had planted was now a full tree whose fruits were reaching the people of India.
On 1st June 1982, I took over the responsibility of the Defense Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL).

When the then Defense Minister Mr. R. Venkataraman advised that instead of preparing missiles by grade, we should have a program to prepare our missiles. If we should make it, then we could not believe our ears and on seeing it, it became a project whose results reached far and wide. The name of each project was the proof of self-reliance, self-reliance of India.

The Surface to the Surface missile was named Prithvi, the Tactical Core Vehicle was named Trishul, and the Surface to Air Defense System was called Akash. The project anti-tank missile was called Nag and I named my Derrida Khwab Rex i.e. Reexperiment Launch Vehicle as Agni.

The skill of missile technology was only with a few selected nations of the world, they were looking at us with great wonder about what we are going to do and how we will do it. While sitting in a meeting we were marking 1984 to fulfill our cause when the news of the death of Dr. Brahm Prakash came. For me, it was another shock.

The way he consoled me at the time of the failure of the first SLV, I became even more saddened to remember him. Prof. If Sarabhai was the creator of VSSC, he was about to make it, then
Prof. Brahm Prakash his Amil, was the Executor. His humility humbled me to a great extent and I controlled my temper to a great extent. His humility was not only limited to his merits but it was also included in his habit to give respect to the younger ones. It was visible in his behavior and manner that no person is free from flaws. Even the officer, the leader, the leader too. He was a very big donor, inside a weak body he had childlike innocence. I always used to see those saints in science.

Earth’s work was reaching its destination when we entered 1988. Morning on 25 February 1988. At 23:23, the first Parwaz of the earth was revealed.

It was a historic occasion in our country. Prithvi was not only a surface-to-surface missile but also the basic map of all the types of missiles to come, it was the module of the future. Prithvi shocked the neighboring countries of our neighborhood, firstly the western countries were surprised and then expressed anger and imposed restrictions on India that they could not buy any such thing from outside countries which were used in their missile program. may or may work.

Wings Of Fire Summary In English

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