Thinking Fast And Slow Summary In English

Thinking Fast And Slow Summary – Friends, has it ever happened to you that you are doing some important work and your mother calls out to eat? But even after half an hour, you have not gone to eat. Because you are thinking that after finishing the work, then you will eat.

So friends, here you are not using your brain properly. You are not thinking fast but you are thinking slow. What would have happened if you stopped working at the same time and had dinner?

Your mother’s job would have been easier. His schedule is not bad. And your work doesn’t go anywhere. You could come back and deal with it again.

But you were getting emotional thinking that work is very important. But what important work gets spoiled by taking a break? It’s not like this. This is the wrong way of thinking about our minds.

This example shows that we do not use the brain properly many times. And most remain its slaves.

By reading the summary of this book, you will have to think properly about every situation. This will make you very productive and efficient.

The summary of all the chapters of this book is as follows.

Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

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1 – Automatic brain : Source Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

There are two types of the brain that work inside us. One automatic and the other logical. The automatic brain is very emotional and playful like a child. Whereas logical is sensible but lazy. We have many beliefs in us. Which we have been learning since childhood. We do not put much logic in this. We sit by what we are told.

A child born in a Hindu household is told that Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are Gods. While the Christian child is told about Jesus. Those children grow up with these beliefs. They love their religion. At that time they do not think whether there really is a God.

Some people later use a logical brain and start asking this question – what is God?

But only those with automatic brains keep moving forward with the belief of God. When he comes to the temple or church, he automatically bows his head or says a prayer. But the bad thing happens when they start considering people of other religions as bad. And the best of your religion.

In this way, we have to teach our automatic brain to think right.

Some people get emotional if they get scolded in the office. Their automatic brain starts abusing the boss itself. Whereas they should think logically. And see if it is their fault. If so, it should be rectified.

There can be many such examples.

Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

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2 -Logical brain : Source Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

The logical mind runs on data, facts, and evidence. Again, if we take the example of God, then he does not believe in it. Because he has never seen evidence of the existence of God.

But its disadvantage will be that when bad times come, whom will he look for problems? To whom will I pray that this time passes? If he does not do this then he will start getting depression and anxiety.

Therefore, we should also motivate our logical brain to think right. As it can be said that some murders remain unsolved. Their evidence is not available. In such a situation, it cannot be said that the murder has not happened.

The universe is huge. We have not known even 1% of it yet, so how can we know God? Similarly, many times we should think logically rather than being emotional.

For example, if we consider another person inferior, then we should think that why is it so. We should challenge what we were taught in childhood. And your automatic or emotional thinking should be changed. Because everyone’s skin is the same. It consists of the epidermis and dermis only.

Similarly, RBC, WBC, and platelets are there in everyone’s blood. Poison doesn’t happen. Yet people discriminate. Because society has made our conditioning like this since childhood.

Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

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3 – Keep balance in both the brains : Source Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

There should be a balance between the two brains. Sometimes we should take the help of an automatic brain and sometimes logic.

For example, if you want to inculcate good habits, then you should use an automatic brain. One should think of a reward and link the habit to it. Like you can link exercise with good looks. With this, you will automatically start exercising every day.

A logical brain should be used to give up bad habits. For example, to quit the habit of porn, you should think that it can cause erectile dysfunction in you. Your penis may sag. Or you cannot perform properly.

Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

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4 – How to create Mental shortcuts : Source Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

Very often we look for a shortcut to work. Sometimes it is right but sometimes it can be wrong.

An example of a shortcut might be to create a slogan or slogan. People make up a slogan to get their point across in the shortest possible words. With this, the message reaches you public quickly and effectively.
But the drawback is that all the details behind it cannot be tracked.

Similarly, ask a teacher which child is the smartest, then they will quickly tell the name of the toppers.
Without analyzing the other abilities of other children.

But maybe later a failed child becomes a successful entrepreneur. So who would be really smart? In this way, mental shortcuts, also called heuristics, should be used judiciously.

Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

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5 – Avoid Biases : Source Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

We create many biases in our minds. Just like people of such religion are not good. Or the people of that country are like this.

Similarly, if there is a Bollywood celebrity in the advertisement, then we think that the product will be good. However, it is not like that. A man will get more happiness from an expensive car, this is also a mental bias.
We should stay away from all these biases. Only then will you be able to live a successful life.

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6 – Use Average : Source Thinking Fast And Slow Summary

If a situation is too complex, you should find a middle ground. Or it should be done in such a way that both the parties benefit.

Like in the share market some people put all their deposits in a single penny stock, and soon they lose everything and come on the road.

Instead of doing this, you should invest your money in many stocks. In some blue chip companies and one in two penny stocks. With this, you will be making an average kind of investment in which the risk will be less.

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7- Learn to use Hindsight

Whenever you take a big decision, keep your past experience in mind. This is called hindsight.
Never repeat the mistakes you made in the past. Keep in mind what worked before and what didn’t.

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8- How to take risk

Many people avoid taking risks. And die with his talent. On the other hand, some people take the risk and get ruined. Both situations are wrong.

Suppose you want to become a Bollywood actor. You have acting skills but you don’t want to take a risk.
Then you take a job and regret it for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, you go to Bollywood all of a sudden. But there do not succeed. Your life will also be in vain.

So what would be best in that case?

First of all, take a basic degree. Then you do a part-time job. Or do what you can do from home like blogging, digital marketing, content writing, etc. Then with that income, you join the acting course. From there you will make good contacts.

Along with this, you can also make short films for YouTube by investing some money which will be useful for your portfolio.

With this approach, you will also be able to take the risk and will also be saved from the damage caused by it.

So in this way balance will also be maintained in the thinking of both brains.

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9 – What to do when there is a loss!

Every person has a loss at some point or the other. At that time some people break down and stop living.
Therefore, first of all, make a proper strategy to avoid loss. Think rationally.

Even if you are lost, think that the world is not over yet. You see yourself after the next 5 years.
Don’t repeat the mistake you made this time.

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10 – Do not blindly believe in your interest.

What you like is not necessarily good for everyone. Suppose you are in some business. And you chose a red color packet for a product because you liked it very much.

But your customers may not like it at all. So take the help of feedback. Man is not always right. ask others. Or do beta testing. Meaning testing that product in front of some people and seeing their reaction.

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11- Memories affect our decisions

Our memories affect our ability to make decisions. When a man drinks alcohol for the first time, he enjoys it. It becomes his memory. So he will drink next time also because he will feel that the last time was a lot of fun.

But on the contrary, we should associate such things with a bad memory. For example, if you do not want to become addicted to alcohol, then remember the memory that you did this work by hiding it from the family members. Or there was a problem with driving.

In this way, associate the thing that you do not want to make a habit of with a bad memory.

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