Think and Grow Rich Summary In English

Think and Grow Rich Summary – Often our thinking about money is very strange. Society has taught us that money is the root of all problems.

People with money are very greedy. Money is not everything in life. etc, but it’s not like that.

Money can solve problems. Poverty, unemployment, and hunger can be eradicated. Not everyone with money is greedy.

Some charity too much. And considering the great philanthropist. And yes money is not everything. But a lot happens.

If you want to become rich then you have to change your thinking about money.
Such an attitude has to be developed so that the money itself will come towards you.

The author has given 14 principles in this book.

By adopting this you can create positive thinking towards money. Then through that thinking, you yourself can become very rich one day.

So the list of these 14 principles is as follows:

  1. Desire
  2. Faith
  3. Auto Suggestion
  4. Specialized Knowledge
  5. Imagination
  6. Decision
  7. Persistence
  8. Enthusiastic Support
  9. Organized Planning
  10. The Power of the Mastermind
  11. Sex transmutation
  12. The Subconscious Mind
  13. The Power of the Brain
  14. The sixth sense

Let us now read and understand all these points well.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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1 ) Desire : Think and Grow Rich Summary

If you want to become rich then you must have a tremendous desire for money.

What happens if someone grabs your head and immerses you in water and keeps it underwater for a while?

After a while, you will suffocate. Will you start fussing?

So what would be your biggest need or desire at that time?

You will say – Oxygen.

So friends, the desire for money should also be as much in you as there was for oxygen in the above example.
If you say that I do not want more money, then stop saying that. Because your mind will think that when you have no desire for money then why should I think of ways to get it? And you will never get new ideas.

The author has given 4 steps related to desire.

  • First of all write on a paper how much money you need.
  • Then write how you will earn that much money.
  • Then write on which date of the year you will earn this much money.
  • Write a plan at the end by which you will achieve your target.

With this, your mind will be able to see your goal clearly. And will be busy achieving this goal.
Don’t just say that I will earn a lot of money. Write down and see how many lakhs, crores, or billions of rupees you want.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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2) Faith : Think and Grow Rich Summary

After creating a strong desire for money you have to instill in yourself the belief that yes you can really earn more money.

If you think that only rich people can make money if you don’t, then you will always be poor.
Do not let negative thoughts come near you. Because many poor people also become rich by working hard.

Dhirubhai was also not very rich earlier. But today Reliance has become a well-known company in the world.

So believe in yourself that one day how or not I will earn a lot of money.
And I will use it for good works.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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3) Auto Suggestion : Think and Grow Rich Summary

Our subconscious brain is very powerful. Talk to him before you go to sleep. Always give him a positive suggestion, such as:

  • Soon I will have a very good idea to earn money.
  • I will start a very good business.
  • My business will do well.
  • I will earn a lot of money.
  • I will buy a bungalow.
  • I will have an expensive car.
  • Then I will go on foreign trips.

Always keep giving this auto-suggestion to the brain.
This will motivate your brain to get all this.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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4) Specialized Knowledge

Gain special knowledge in whatever work you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in the blog, then read as much as possible for it.

Join any good free course. Or read top bloggers.

If you have an interest in setting up a start-up then read blogs and books related to business.

By reading you will get good knowledge in any field. By which your dream of becoming rich will come true.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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5) Imagination

Increase your imagination.

  • Imagine you are already rich.
  • Imagine that you are sitting in a BMW.
  • Imagine you’re having a candlelight dinner at an expensive hotel.
    Imagine that you are enjoying the yacht.
  • Imagine that you are doing charity.

There is a lot of power in the imagination. Einstein has said it – Imagination is power. So learn to use this power. From imagination, you will get different types of ideas. Even a small idea can change your life.

Facebook also started with a small idea. Initially, it was limited to Mark Zuckerberg’s college only. At that time college students could only rate their friends.

But gradually many features were added to it and today its empire has spread all over the world. So you also keep imagining your business ideas. Don’t know when or which idea to click.
This can open the way for you to become a billionaire too.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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6) Decision

Learn to take fast decisions. Many people keep procrastinating. Due to this, none of their work gets done on time.

If the electricity bill is pending then decide the day and time and then pay the bill at the scheduled time.

It would be good if the decision will be taken fast. And do the work only then.
Otherwise, make a list of to-do.

No work will be left out of this.

If you are thinking of working out, then get up now and do 5 push-ups.

If you are thinking of setting up a blog, you can start it in 10 minutes by buying a domain name and hosting now.

If you keep thinking, you will not be able to do anything. And you will never be able to become rich.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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7) Persistence

Whatever work you have chosen to become rich, keep doing it continuously.

Lest he worked with great enthusiasm for a month and then slept for 6 months. If you have started a blog, then write daily. Make up a rule.

For example, write 1 hour in the morning and then write 1 hour in the evening.

Write a little but write every day. You will not be bored with this. And the work will not be a burden.

Keep taking breaks together. Also, fix 1-2 hours for hobbies and fun activities.

In this way, you will continue to enjoy life. And at the same time, the work will continue.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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8) Enthusiastic Support

Always support others.

If you help, then you will get help. And you move on.

Selfish people never succeed. Neither can become rich.

Similarly, when you need support, ask for support.

Not everyone will support you.

Many people ask just two people. When they refuse, they give up.

This is the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful man.

If two refuse, ask four, Ask a hundred, Ask 1000.

Are there only two people in the world?

There are 140 crore people in India alone.

You have to find kind and cooperative people. Not everyone is like this.

So you have to find it.

One who aspires to become a film actor like this should struggle.

Not 2 – 4 should be available from 1000 producers.

You will get a role from somewhere.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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9) Organized Planning : Think and Grow Rich Summary

If you want to do any business or work, then plan on its paper.

For example, if you want to start up, then write down all the steps.

  • Where will the office be?
  • Partner or not?
  • How many employees will there be?
  • Where and how to take the loan.
  • Do you want to do online business too?
  • Have to build the website yourself or hire a web developer.

Keep planning in this way.

Then start completing step by step.

If you keep thinking about everything in your brain, then everything will remain a Houch-Pouch.

Confusion will be different.

So make a habit of writing everything down on paper.

When start-up aspirants propose to an investor, write everything in power-point.

Let me explain. They do not explain just by speaking their mouths.

Nothing like this will be clear.

And the person in front will not understand anything.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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10)The Power of the Mastermind

There is a lot of power in the mastermind group. Mastermind group means – inner circle.

Meaning the secret circle of successful people in which outsiders are not taken.

If any person does business, then he also has such a group.

Those people keep their work secret.

Who is the distributor of which production house in the film industry? No one knows how their network distributes.

That’s why you should also try to make friends with such people who can help in taking your business forward.

For example, if you want to start a blog, then join a mastermind group, where there are web developers or content writers.

Or be such a blogger who invites you for guest blogging.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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11) Sex transmutation

There is a lot of energy in sex. In fact, this is the energy with which man does everything.

Why do you go to school and college? So that I can get a degree and get a job.

Then you will get money from the job. Only then will you find a partner.

No girl would like to marry a guy who doesn’t earn anything.

This means that the same energy works behind the desire to become rich.

The richer someone is, the more his chances of getting a partner will increase.

So learn to transmute this energy. This means linking your goal with sex energy.

Some people keep wasting sex energy like this.

Due to the loss of this energy, the brain loses the motivation to work.

He thinks that the pleasure of sex has been found. Then he will not want any more pleasure.

So save this energy.

You must have seen that people who are successful and rich are full of energy.

Because they understand this secret and adopt it in life.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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12 ) The Subconscious Mind

According to the work, our brain is of two types.

  • Conscious
  • Subconscious

The conscious brain is under your control. As you feel like listening to music, then you play music on the phone.

But sometimes you are told that if you come on stage and give a speech, then you start getting nervous. My throat starts drying up. Some people start trembling.

So why does this happen?

You would not have told your brain to make you nervous, dry your throat, or make your body tremble!

Everything seems to be happening automatically against your will in an automatic way.

So all this is being done by your subconscious brain. Which is not in your control.

But the subconscious brain is very powerful. If you learn to control it then you can do anything.

When you are sleeping, the subconscious brain is very active, Because the conscious goes to sleep.

So talk to your subconscious brain at that time,Request him to find an idea for me to become rich.

Then when you fall asleep, the subconscious brain will start searching for the idea within your intellect, And maybe when you wake up the next day you will get an idea.

But the subconscious brain is not under our control. So it is not that you will learn to do all this in one go.

But with continuous practice, you will definitely get the benefit.

So talk to the subconscious brain every day.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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13 ) The Power of the Brain

To become rich, the power of the brain should be used. of all the animals, only humans have this power.

With this power, humans built big buildings. Make weapons like atom bombs. Made so much progress in the medical world. Build a plane. And so on.

Look around you. You will get the feel of the power of the human mind. This power can be inside you too. Then find him.

People from brain power, artist, scientist, painter, novelists, actors, directors, bloggers, athletes, Become a sportsperson, entrepreneur, etc.

If you have any such talent in you, then bring it to the next level.

Read books that really enlighten you. Such books are not taught to us in school or college.

So read regularly and increase your brain power many times more than others.

There is a saying – if you want to do bodybuilding, then lift the dumbbell. and do brain-building

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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14 ) The sixth sense

To become rich in the end, use the sixth sense i.e. the sixth sense.

But what is this sixth sense?

Every person has five senses – sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. But the sixth sense is hidden in our subconscious brain.

Have you ever gone to take an exam and it seems that this question will definitely come? Sometimes that question also comes up.

Or like sometimes it seems that today the challan is not cut and many times it is also cut.

Similarly, some people trust instinct and invest money in shares and become very rich, While the big financial advisors do all the analysis, their money still sinks.

So, friends, all these examples are of sixth sense only.

That’s how the sixth sense works.

It is the voice of your subconscious. It is also called gut feeling or instinct.

If you have business ideas. So sometimes your sixth sense indicates to you that this idea will work, then you can consider that idea.

But understanding the 6th sense is not easy.

Still, with practice, you can learn to understand it.

Don’t ever take a joke as a sixth sense.

Think and Grow Rich Summary

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