The Power of Positive Thinking Summary In English

The Power of Positive Thinking Summary – Friends, there is a lot of negativity spread in today’s world. The media keeps showing us negative news every day.

Apart from this, we also get negative people at home and office. In this way, seeing them, we also start thinking negatively.

But this negative thinking is very dangerous for us. This increases worry and anxiety. Good people walk away from us. And we do not get success in life.

Norman Vincent has told us the advantages and methods of positive thinking in this book. By adopting these methods, you too can learn to think positively in life.

You will get success in life only with positive thinking. And you will reach a high point.

Friends, there are 17 chapters in this book. Let us read them one by one.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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1) Believe in yourself

Always believe in yourself that you will be successful in life. If you don’t trust, your mind won’t help you either.

Suppose the marks have come less in comparison to the rest of the children in someone’s school or college. And he assumed that he would no longer be able to do anything in life. So much thinking is wrong.

Because marks have no role to be successful. The celebrity of Bollywood has become so famous by what marks. Sports – How many marks does a person have? Not too much.

You do not need so many marks to run a business. All you need is an idea and a little talent. So learn to trust yourself.

If you have kept any negative thoughts knowingly or unknowingly, then say them bye–bye today. Instead, put thoughts of trust and confidence in your mind.

Always say to yourself – I will be successful in life. I have complete confidence in myself.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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2) Peaceful mind generates power

Always keep your mind calm. Because creative ideas come only in a calm mind. which can change your life.

But many people are not at peace of mind. Nowadays people’s mind is full of tension, stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

How can such a mind be at peace?

Greed, jealousy, arrogance, etc also disturb the peace of mind. So friends, remove these negative thoughts. And always think positively.

To remove anxiety, definitely read this book – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living summary in Hindi

Take the help of yoga and meditation. Exercise also increases the flow of oxygen and cools the mind.

Get plenty of sleep Minimize the use of social media and TV as well. A calm mind is a storehouse of energy. Calm down your mind and ask him to give you a life-changing idea.

With this, you will start getting creative ideas.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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3) How to have energy : The Power of Positive Thinking Summary

A person does not get tired of physical work as much as he gets tired of negative thoughts.

Your mind will feel the way you think. If you think that today is a very good day. Then you will really feel happy.

But if you think that today is a very depressive day. Then your mind will feel sad. So always keep positive thoughts in mind.

Also, exercise. This will increase your stamina. Take a good diet And get plenty of sleep too. Stay away from negative people.

Make friends with people who can make you laugh many times. Laughing keeps positive energy in you. All your sadness, fatigue, and despair go away. And you get a lot of energy.

That’s why you must laugh at least 10 times a day. There is no upper limit. You decide that.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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4) Try prayer power

Prayer is a very powerful thing.

It instantly motivates our subconscious brain. When we trust in some supreme power, then all our depression and anxiety go away.

We feel that someone has listened to Heart’s Voice. We can also talk to God we cannot do it to our parents.

Some tips for praying:

  • Pray as if you are talking to a friend. There is no need to chant any very big mantras.
  • While sleeping, request God to guide you, give you success and keep your problems away.
  • Thank you for whatever God has given you so far.

These three steps will fill you with positive energy. You will get deep sleep which will heal you even more. Your life will be filled with happiness.

So make a habit of prayer.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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5) How to create happiness : The Power of Positive Thinking Summary

Friends, whether a person is happy or sad, it is in his hands.

Many people have everything. Still, he always walks around with a rowdy appearance. They are never satisfied. Because their greed does not allow them to be satisfied.

So first of all we should be satisfied with what God has given us. If you want to be happy all the time, then take inspiration from children.

You must have noticed the children playing. How happy do they look? This happens because they forget all their worries and just get engrossed in the game.

You should also create a similar mindset. Forget worrying and laugh with friends and talk about happiness.

Don’t criticize anyone. If someone criticizes you, ignore him. In this way, you will always be happy.

Apart from this, say some positive affirmations before starting the day. like –

This is a very nice day.

Today I am feeling very happy.

God will make everything right today. etc.

In this way, your day will start happily.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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6) Stop fuming and fretting

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, human beings have different kinds of problems. Because of all this, he becomes irritable. Gives a bitter answer to everything.

Some people get irritable just because of failure. They start blaming everything on others.

Due to this everyone starts disliking that man. and start moving away from it. Due to this, the man becomes even more unsuccessful in life.

So friends, don’t be irritable.

For this, the author says to always take time to relax. Just like you brush daily or take a bath, in the same way, make it a rule to relax as well.

The author has also given some steps to relax:

Sit comfortably on a chair. Take a long breath Calm down the mind. Then visualize some nice scenes – like an apple orchard, a beach of clear water, the rising sun, butterflies on flowers, and running deer. e.t.c.

Speak with this – I am slowly feeling relaxed. My brain is going very quiet. Positive energy is being filled in me.

This way you will feel relaxed in a few minutes.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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7) Expect the best : The Power of Positive Thinking Summary

Friends, when we expect bad, bad happens. But when you expect the best, then all is well.

Many people always think negatively. Whatever work they have to do, they feel that something bad will happen.

If you want to give the exam, you will think that you will fail. While giving a job interview, you will think that you will never get this job. If we talk to them about business, they would say that business gets drowned.

In this way, they have a habit of seeing the negative in everything. By this people get what they think. That is a failure.

So friends, if you too often start things, if you already think negatively, then change this habit. Always hope for the best.

Hope with full confidence that only good will be good in that work with you. Have full faith in God. This will also send a positive signal to your subconscious brain and it will start doing good for you.

The author has given a formula of 4 words:

Faith, Power, Works, Wonders.

Always keep reminding yourself of these four words. There is an invisible power hidden in these words. Which will make your thinking positive. By which you will get success in all your work.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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8) Don’t believe in defeat

Friends, never believe in defeat. It is also said that the losers of the mind are defeated, and the victories are won by the mind. Some people give up once or twice and assume that they will never be successful in life anymore. And defeat is their fate.

Don’t ever think like this. To win, you have to lose over and over again. Learn something from every defeat. And try again.

How did you learn to walk when you were a little kid? You must have fallen a thousand times. But he used to stand up again. Then you learned to walk. At that time you did not even know the word defeat.

So use the same principle to achieve success in the goals of life. Make a good strategy, take proper knowledge, which you will also get from the books of this blog, and then start trying.

Don’t be discouraged if you lose. Rather be happy. Because other people would be sitting in the house for fear of losing. They wouldn’t even be trying.

Trees are not afraid of the gusts of wind. Rather suffer them. This makes them very strong. And when a big storm comes, they can easily face it. The storm could not uproot them.

So don’t be afraid of defeat. Rather welcome it. Because defeat will make you strong inside. And with this strength, you can one day shake the world.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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9) How to break the worry habit : The Power of Positive Thinking Summary

Worrying is very injurious to health. Worrying leads to various diseases. You get stressed due to which blood pressure increases.

High blood pressure can lead to stroke or heart attack.

Anxiety only gives rise to depression later. Anxiety causes a person to grow old quickly. That is why it is rightly said that worry is like a pyre.

We humans are not born with anxiety. But gradually seeing society, we learn to worry. Sometimes studied, sometimes job and sometimes an office, etc.

But it is possible to overcome anxiety. For this learn to be calm. Make a habit of relaxing. Pray to God every day with faith.

Also, understand that anxiety is just a mental fear. It does not have any form or shape in reality. So there is no need to worry unnecessarily.

So say every day – I have stopped worrying about unnecessary things. Because God is always watching me.

Also, definitely read this great book written on removing worry – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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10) The power to solve personal problems

Friends, know that life is another name for difficulties. Do not think that difficulties will never come in life. Also, do not consider difficulties as a negative thing.

Many people take even the smallest tasks for granted. Like to pay a bill, to buy something, etc. So don’t name everything as a problem

Even if there is a genuine problem, try to solve it. Not that to worry about him. Worrying will not solve that problem.

Instead, think about how to solve that problem. You can also take advice from friends. If you are worried then think that God is around me. And that will solve my problem.

This is the way of living life. You take problems as daily life work. You will not worry about this.

Set a time for each task. Till then don’t worry about him unnecessarily.

Always say positive – I can solve this problem. God is always with me.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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11) How to use faith healing : The Power of Positive Thinking Summary

Faith and faith keep our health in good shape. People who believe in God are found to be happier and more satisfied. Atheists are immersed in all kinds of worries. They also have more bad habits like alcohol and drugs.

If you pray to God along with medicine for any disease, then your disease will be cured soon.

Once a person was a victim of a very serious disease. No medicine was working on him. One day his friend brought him a Bible.

However, he did not believe in God. But as soon as he started reading the Bible, he started believing in God. He also started praying to her every day to cure his illness. And slowly a miracle happened. His incurable disease got cured.

Therefore, friends, you can apply your faith in God for the healing of yourself. Whether it is mental healing or physical healing.

Faith is very important. Due to this man keeps on moving forward.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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12) Health Formula For Vitality

Friends, anger, hatred, and irritability are very harmful to our health. Due to this, our blood pressure only increases. The harmful effects of which were also mentioned above.

So we should replace these negative emotions with positive emotions. Always be calm. Talk to others with love. Spread happiness

With this, you will live for a hundred years and will also be healthy.

Negative thinking causes thousands of diseases. So always think positively. Always avoid anger. Don’t close your fist when you get very angry. Keep your voice low too.

With this, say ten times – I believe in God. They show me the way. You will never get angry with this.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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13) Fill the brain with new thought : The Power of Positive Thinking Summary

Friends, remove all the negative things that you have learned from society so far from your mind. And now start filling in new things or thoughts.

Read the books on this blog. And the new thoughts that are in them, fill them in your mind.

You become what you think. If you think that you will become rich, then you will become really rich. But you will doubt yourself and think that I am illiterate, how can I become rich? I will remain poor. Then you will be really poor.

Studying and writing doesn’t matter. You must have heard about my uncle with MDH. He was not much educated. Only used to sell spices. But later he became a billionaire.

Perhaps, they too must have always thought positively that one day they will become rich. Only then could they achieve so much success.

So friends, replace all your negative thoughts. With this, you will definitely be successful one day.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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14) Relax to regain power

If you get tired while doing one thing and start feeling powerless. So stop at that time. Relax a little. You will see that you are filled with energy again.

You can do this several times a day.

Students should relax every half hour while studying. With this, they will not get bored with their studies and will be able to study continuously. Even if you relax for 5 minutes, it will be enough.

Those students who study continuously for 2 hours, consider the study a burden. They study more only for the exam and don’t study that much later. Because they do not know the technique to relax by taking this break.

So learn to relax.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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15) How to get people to like you : The Power of Positive Thinking Summary

Many times you must have heard people say – I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I don’t care. Or I don’t give a damn.

But friends, they are lying. Everyone wants others to like them. and praise them.

But for this, you have to change yourself first. Never criticize others. Praise them. Respect them. Help them.

Only then will other people respect and like you.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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16) Prescription for heartache

Friends, sometimes everyone’s heart breaks. Everyone looks at the face of defeat. Everyone gets sorrowful.

So some people start drinking alcohol. Start doing some physical activity. But this does not end the root of sorrow. He resides in the heart.

In such a situation, it is necessary that you can remove that pain from your heart and mind. For this, the author has given some methods.

  1. If you are crying, do not stop. Cry. Because of this, your sorrow flows into tears.
  2. After this, keep doing your daily chores.
  3. Don’t sit in one place and think about that sorrow. Instead, read a book with positive thinking. Which will give you new inspiration.
  4. Pray to God.
  5. Tell yourself – Tomorrow will be a new day.

In this way, you can get rid of your sorrow. Remember time doesn’t always stay the same. Sometimes there will be sunshine and sometimes there will be shade. Sometimes it will be night and sometimes it will be the day. So don’t be sad.

Just think positive and spend your life laughing and happy. Because the time gone by doesn’t come back. So there is no use in wasting it.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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17) Believe in high power : The Power of Positive Thinking Summary

Have faith in God. Always think that God is all around you. Just as sunlight, wind, and water are around you, in the same way, there is a divine force around us.

Once upon a time, there was a man. He used to drink a lot. Even after trying a lot, he could not give up this habit.

Then he went to a doctor. But one day the doctor also raised his hand. and sent him home. Saying that nothing can happen to him now.

When he was returning home, there was a church on the way. Nobody was there at that time. He went to church. And started crying. Then a priest came and asked him the reason for crying.

He said that he could not give up his alcohol habit. The pastor asked if he could help with the work of the church. Christmas was coming and they had to paint the church.

The man was somewhat irritated by the pastor. Instead of telling any solution to his problem, he was speaking to work. But the man agreed. He felt that some time would pass.

He started going to church to work continuously. Gradually, the atmosphere there had such an effect on him that he lost his habit of drinking.

The pastor said that he had deliberately asked her to work in the church. Because he wanted to regain his lost faith in God. He had no effect on preaching.

So saw friends, in front of which science was defeated, that man’s own faith came in handy.

The man had regained faith in God while working in the church. Due to this, he got rid of his bad habit and his life was filled with happiness again.

So you should also establish your faith in God. If trust is lost, re-establish it. With this, your life will be filled with happiness and prosperity. And there will always be a success in life.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary In English

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