The Compound Effect Summary In English

The Compound Effect Summary contains a summary of Darren Hardy’s best-selling book The Compound Effect. This book written by the author in Self-Help Category is a very effective non-fiction book. This tells how to make a big change in life, we should first focus on our daily routine.

The Compound Effect book by Darren Hardy has simple-sounding titles. Friends, despite knowing the strategy to get success, everyone ignores it.

The author has given 6 simple strategies for success in the book The Compound Effect. When you follow these 6 strategies systematically, then your life will change unprecedentedly. Whatever is your dream, whatever is your goal in life, the things you need to learn and do to achieve it are present in this book in simple language.

There is an example in The Compound Effect. Suppose you get 30 lakhs and your friend chooses the second option that he gets 1 rupee in 1 day. By the 5th you will have 30 lakhs and your friend will have 16 rupees. Only Rs 16, not 16 lakhs. By day 20, you will still have 30 lakhs and your friend will have 52 thousand.

Just imagine how your friend must be feeling. He must be thinking that he waited for 20 days yet he got only 52 thousand, instead, he should have opted for option 1 also. By 29th, your friend will have 27 lakhs and you will have 30 lakhs. Day 30 is when the magic of the compound effect will work and your friend will overtake you. And on the last day, by day 31 your friend will have 1 crore+ and you will still have 30 lakhs.

The Compound Effect Summary

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The author tells in the first lesson of this book that he was first told about The Compound Effect by his father. In the first lesson, the author emphasizes Consistency, and in the story of the tortoise and rabbit race of childhood, the secret of the tortoise’s victory is also its good habit.

The author also considers himself a tortoise, which was trained by his father since childhood. According to his father’s routine, people used to set their time. NO PAIN NO GAIN He wrote in big letters on the wall of the writer’s room.

One of Dad’s core philosophies was, “It doesn’t matter how smart you are or not, you need to work hard on what you lack in experience, skill, Wisdom, or innate ability. If your competitor is smarter, more talented, or Experienced, you just need to work three or four times as hard. you can still beat him

The author always thanks his father, because because of him he was able to understand the compound effect, and at the age of 18, he started earning in 6 figures.

The Compound Effect is the principle of repeating the results of short and smart choices. That is, when you constantly adopt small and smart things in habits every day, then you get success through The Compound Effect.

These habits or things are so small that people often ignore their importance. Many people run continuously for 60-80 days and do exercise, but they leave all this without feeling any difference. They don’t know that repeating these small steps every day for consistency makes a big difference after a time.

Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE

The Compound Effect Summary

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CHOICES : The Compound Effect Summary

We all come into this world alike: naked, scared, and ignorant. After that whatever we become in the future is the result of our choices. These choices can be our best friend as well as our worst enemy. can get us to our goals and even send us orbiting in a galaxy far, far away.

Have you ever thought!! Everything exists in your life because you made the first choice. Choices are at the core of each of your results.

The choice initiates a behavior that over time becomes a habit. In short, you make your choice, and then your choice makes you.

Every decision, no matter how minor, changes the course of your life. to go to college, who to marry, drink that last drink before driving, indulge in gossip or shut up, to call another prospecting or call it, a day, to say I love you am or not Our every choice has a compound effect, whose effect reads in our life.

This chapter is about being aware of those options and making choices. Sounds a bit complicated, but you will be amazed by how simple it is. 99% of Choices, we take consciously, with our conscious mind. But due to not being aware of these choices, we are often unable to choose the right one.

So the biggest challenge is always that we choose the little things while sleeping. We are not aware of our choices. Just choose the one which looks simple and comfortable in front. And each of our small and big choices shapes our life. Sometimes you will notice that often many people’s life is going well when they are not aware of their choices, and they choose the wrong choices.

As a result, undesirable changes take place in life.

You must have heard that elephants do not bite, but they are small fishes, whose bite leads to the death of a human being. Friends, in our life, we always focus more on big things and mistakes. And ignore small things and mistakes. And repeat these small mistakes again and again, and after a time these small mistakes have to face bad consequences.

Friends, the author further explains in this chapter of the book The Compound Effect, that whatever happens in our life is because of us, so we should accept the responsibility for every result. Never blame others for a bad, unwanted result.

The Compound Effect Summary

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HABITS : The Compound Effect Summary

Aristotle wrote, “We are what we repeat over and over”. That is, it is called our habit to choose any work, or any choice again and again. There is a short story, in which a man is going somewhere, and a man standing on the side of the road asks him where he is going. So he says I don’t know, ask my horse. Friends, this small story is a symbol of the fact that our habits also work like this horse. Which takes us to our destination. If we know where to go, then we have to train our horses accordingly, that is, develop our habits according to our destination.

Friends, it is easy to say, read, and listen, but it is a bit difficult to do because often people are unaware of their habits like the man in this story. They do not care about the destination, nor do they know the horse on which they are riding.

That’s why friends, the author has explained this thing in detail in the book, that to achieve success, it is important to be aware of your habits, and those habits are also good.

Good habits are hard to adopt but easy to live with, and bad habits are easy to adopt but difficult to live with.

Friends, the author has further told about an important topic in this chapter, in addition to achieving success, by developing good habits. That is determining your “why” for a job.

Friends, the author explains with an example, that if there is a fire in an unknown house, you will not go inside there, but when your house is on fire, you will jump into the fire to save your family. Similarly, when we know the “why” behind the success of any work, then the chances of being successful in that work increase.

So before doing anything, you should have a clear picture of the “why” of that action.

The Compound Effect Summary

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Friends, you must have read Newton’s laws of motion in science in classes 9-10. The first law states that an object will remain at rest until an external force is applied to it, an object remains in motion until an external force is applied to stop its momentum. Friends, only successful people achieve momentum through Compound Effect, through which they keep on achieving their goals and dreams, they are not.

Friends and achievers do not get this type of momentum easily. The most important time to gain momentum in any area of ​​life is the starting time. The first step is always the hardest, you have to push yourself to take the first step, and you have to pull. With one step, two steps, three steps, and so on continuously, there comes a time when you don’t have to exert any kind of force. Now you keep moving forward on your own.

Achieving such momentum, takes time, patience, and energy over time. After which you get the results of success faster than the compound effect.

You may have noticed that during a rocket launch, a rocket needs a lot of fuel and energy to initially rise. Initially, the rocket is seen flying above us comfortably, but after a time the speed of the rocket becomes very fast. By which he reaches the black space, tearing the blue sky.

Friends, the same thing happens in our life too. We have to face the most trouble in the beginning. And successful people know how to deal with these initial troubles with ease. That’s why these people know how to get momentum. By which they become richer and richer, happier and happier….and lucky to become more fortunate.

In his book, the author has given the following ways to achieve Momentum:-

  • First of all, choose the choices that are connected to your goal
  • Put these choices into practice by repeating them over and over again.
  • Then make these choices a habit.
  • Unite yourself by creating a daily routine.
  • And in the end, be consistent with your habits, and routine for a certain time interval.

The Compound Effect Summary

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By now you must have understood how important a role your choices play in your life. Friends, in this chapter of this beautiful book, the author tells about three things that affect us. Because of this our car sometimes derails, and sometimes it also comes back on track.


Friends, if you want your body to work with full capacity and strength for you, then you should give your body that type of essential nutrients and not junk food. If you want your brain to perform at its highest point, you have to feed your brain accordingly.

Friends, whatever output you want to see in your life, then you have to give the input of that calculation. If garbage goes in, garbage will come outside too, you know this.

That’s why friends, the author says do not drink dirty water. Feed your body good nutrients, and fill your mind with good things.

Read good books, watch good movies, keep a good atmosphere around you, and learn to live in the company of good people. All these things affect you positively. Otherwise, by reading the incidents of death and murder in the newspaper, watching unnecessary TV serials, movies, etc., you can also fill the straw in your mind. As a result of which you feel negative emotions like worrying unnecessarily, fear, etc.


Friends say that our character is a reflection of the circle of friends around us. That is, your character can be detected by the behavior of your friends. Social psychologist Dr. David McClelland says that our small group of friends determines 95% of our success and failure.

Jim Rohn believes that we are the average of the five people we live with the most.

Friends, therefore it is also very important to take care of how many friends are around you. Make yourself close to those people, living with whom you can develop good habits yourself, learn new and good things. Instead of wasting your time hitting the turf with those friends.

3. Environment

The environment around you is also a factor that affects all of us. For example, if there is a calm and reading environment around us, then in such a situation we can study well. If the family members in the house are hardworking and inspiring, then in such an environment the person is also hardworking.

Otherwise, all of you must have seen the behavior of the children who grew up in an atmosphere of noise, fighting, and quarreling.

So whenever you feel that the environment around you is preventing you from moving forward, either make necessary changes in that environment or change that environment completely.

The Compound Effect Summary

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In the final chapter of this great book from THE COMPOUND EFFECT, the author talks about how to achieve high levels of success fast. The author explains that when you do the necessary work with full preparation, by practicing, studying, and continuously with regularity, then you decide your identity at this time and also decide what you are going to become. are you

The author told about increasing your success manifold in this lesson, how by doing all those things which no one expects, you can continuously increase your success through Compound Effect.

The Compound Effect Summary

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