The 48 Laws of Power Summary

Why read The 48 Laws of Power summary : By reading the summary of this book, you will know what are the secrets of powerful people, from which they become so successful.

Friends, this controversial book is written by Robert Greene. And it is read all over the world.
But many people have criticized this book as well. Because the rules given in it are very immoral.

Friends, of course, even if you do not use these rules yourself, after reading them, you will come to know that no one is trying them on you. And if so, you can easily turn their game around.

So let’s read The 48 Laws of Power Summary.

The 48 Laws of Power summary

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1) Never Outshine the Master : The 48 Laws of Power summary

(Let the boss feel that he is greater)
Friends, even if your boss is less smart and intelligent than you, do not let him realize this.
If he thinks that you are being smarter than him, then he will try to bring you down.
Because either he will feel insecurity or his ego will get hurt. Because he has authority. So he can put obstacles in your work.

2) Never Put Too Much Trust in Friends. Use Your Enemies

Many friends just want to use us to do their jobs. they will show you that they
You have true friends. But they won’t be visible when you need them.

They praise your talent in front of them. But jokes behind the back. So never trust such friends blindly. Pay attention to the things of enemies better than this.

If an enemy is saying that your acting is not good, then it means that he is right. And you should improve your skills.

Friends will not tell your bad acting less than any hero. Many teenagers climb on the gram tree just after hearing false praise from such friends. And pick up the bag and go straight to Bollywood. Then the whole life spends the dust of the roads. Before this, they should take training.

3) Conceal Your Intentions

Don’t tell anyone about what you’re going to do. For example, if you are going to set up a business, then do not make noise beforehand.

Some people have not even got the brick of business yet and start playing drums about their plans.

Then when nothing happens, everyone makes fun of him behind his back.
So whatever you want to do, keep doing it silently.

The 48 Laws of Power summary

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4) Always Say Less than Necessary

Sometimes people speak too much out of passion. And later have to repent. Because spoken words are not returned.

Secondly, everyone considers the person who talks more as an idiot. Consider the person who speaks less patiently and listens carefully to him. So always speak less.

5) Protect Your Reputation at All costs

One small mistake can ruin the prestige that you have earned throughout your life. Then you are of no use.

Friends, you must have seen in Bollywood how some big celebrities are accused of harassment. And after that all the people boycott him.

How many people have to go to jail? His whole carrier gets ruined. Therefore, do not do any such thing that society starts condemning you and boycotts you.

6) Court Attention at All costs

Always do something different. With this, you will remain the subject of discussion among the people.

  • Keep your personality tip-top.
  • Increase your charisma.
  • Look full of confidence.

Then people will appreciate you. If you remain part of the crowd, everyone will consider you weak.

7) Get Others to Do the Work For You, But Take the credit

Just like anyone who builds a building, they are laborers. But the credit goes to the engineer.
It is the teacher who teaches the children, but when the results are good, the principal gets the credit.

Similarly, you also become a group leader. Divide the work into the team. With this, your team’s credit will go to you.

The 48 Laws of Power summary

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8) Make People Come to you : The 48 Laws of Power summary

Make your personality such that people come to you in every trouble.

  • Cultivate decision-making ability in yourself.
  • Take action without fear.
  • Fight for the rights of others. Just like good leaders do.

By this people will consider you as a powerful person and will remember you in times of trouble.

9) Win Through Actions, Never Through Argument

If some people argue with you, don’t argue. This will waste your energy and time.

It is better that you show that work by doing it. The debaters will automatically be silent.

Like if you are a player and everyone calls you useless. So you win a game and show it.
Those who criticize you will be blown away. You can do this in every field.

10) Don’t Get Infected by Misery and misfortune

Some people always say negative things. The little problem comes and starts crying.
You stay away from such people. This will demotivate you too.

Hang out with people who are happy and full of enthusiasm. They will also fill you with enthusiasm. And you will be able to achieve double.

The 48 Laws of Power summary

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11) Learn to Keep People Dependent on You

Try to gain authority. With this people will need you again and again. They will depend on you for everything. That’s why most leaders become greedy for power.

12) Use Selective Honesty & Generosity to Disarm Your victim

You can use this rule to deal with enemies. Give them the temptation of false help. By this, they will be dodged. and stop bothering you.

13) Get Help by Appealing to Self-Interest, Never to Their Mercy

Never let anyone feel that you are seeking their mercy. If you want to ask for help, then say that it will only benefit them.

If you ask for mercy, you will look weak and If you show their benefit, they will be ready to help.

14) Pose As a Friend Work As a Spy : The 48 Laws of Power summary

If you want to deal with your enemies, then pretend to be friends with them. But in the meantime keep gathering the necessary information. This will help you to defeat the rival.

15) Crush Your Enemy Totally

Never make the mistake of forgiving your enemy. crush it completely. Because later he keeps on troubling.

The 48 Laws of Power summary

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16) Raise your Value Through Absence and Scarcity

Friends, you must have seen how long politicians and celebrities come to a function. It shows that they had a lot of work. Like they have to sow paddy in the field.

All the work is done by his 36 servants. They also know the date and time in advance.
But they only do this intentionally. So that people can increase their value.

17) Keep Others in Suspended Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability

Always let others feel that some trouble may come. And only you can save them.

With this, they will continue to appreciate you and will continue to obey you.

18) Don’t Isolate Yourself Behind a Fortress

The leader who is not visible at the time of the disaster, people speak badly of him.
consider him weak.

Therefore, if there is any problem, come first and help others. People will consider you brave and will always remember you.

19) Know Who You’re Dealing with

First of all, get to know your enemy well. Find out his strength and weakness.
If the enemy is stronger than you, do not attack directly. Rather weave a web of deceit.

20) Do Not Commit to Anyone : The 48 Laws of Power summary

Tell me that I will help you. But don’t promise it. Because situations can change at any time.

If you can’t help him, you can make up an excuse. But if you have promised, then your reputation will be spoiled, And people will start calling you unpromising.

The 48 Laws of Power summary

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21) Play A Sucker to Catch a Sucker: Seem Dumber Than Your Mark

Let your enemy or rival consider himself to be smart. You can make yourself look stupid.

With this, he will not make any special preparations against you. Prepare yourself and beat it as soon as you get a chance.

22) Use the Surrender Tactic : The 48 Laws of Power summary

If the enemy is stronger than you. So use the surrender trick. By this, he will not harm you. Someone will make a treaty with you and keep the conditions. But by then you will get enough time to make your strategy. You go with your teeth at that time.

23) Concentrate Your Forces

Whatever weapon or power you have, do it all together. When you attack the enemy with everything, his spirits will be crushed.

24) Play the Perfect Courtier

A skilled leader employs every strategy. He uses all the methods of saam-daam-dand-bhed to get the victory. You are to follow these methods to win over the enemy.

25) Re-Create Yourself : The 48 Laws of Power summary

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t won once. Rather, add yourself again and stand up. You will be stronger than ever. With this, the person in front will also salute your spirit.

26) Keep Your Hands Clean

Don’t fall into the wrong trap. This will spoil your name among people. Like if a leader is accused of wrongdoing, then his reputation has been built over the years.
goes over. People lose faith in him. And his carrier is destroyed. So do not fall into any wrongdoing.

27) Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cultlike Following

When someone is in great need of something, then definitely help him. People will become your fans. Will follow your everything. Like if a poor need money, give money. If blood is needed, arrange it. etc. There can be many ways.

The 48 Laws of Power summary

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28) Enter Action With Boldness

Show enthusiasm, courage, and bravery while doing any work that has to be done.
Only a courageous commander can fill his soldier with courage and enthusiasm. If you look timid, then the team’s spirits will also slow down.

29) Plan to The End : The 48 Laws of Power summary

If you are going to do any work, then do all the planning till its end. It is not that two or three things have been thought of and the rest will be seen and have kept the attitude. Due to this, your team will also get confused going forward and you may lose.

30) Make Your Accomplishments Seem Effortless

Whatever success you achieve. You tell it to be a right-handed game. With this, you will look full of talent to the person in front. He will start respecting you more. Because he would find that work very difficult.

31) Control the Options

If the front has four paths, then you control them. And force him to choose the path you want him to take. Blackmailers use this technique. They threaten to reveal the secret of the person in front. from whom to tell the front Have to believe

32) Play to People’s Fantasies : The 48 Laws of Power summary

Find out what others’ dream is in life. Then show him the vegetable garden about that dream.
Show that you can help her achieve her dream. With this, he will bind hope from you and will start obeying you.

33) Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew

It means to find the weak point of the other. Then use it. For example, if someone takes a bribe, then get the job done by paying a bribe. If you are fond of alcohol, then you can lure it. (all views of the author)

The 48 Laws of Power summary

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34) Be Royal in Your Fashion – Act Like a King to Be Treated Like One

If you behave like a servant, people will consider you as a servant. will act like a king
Then everyone will respect you. The king does not take orders from anyone. He tries to help everyone. Don’t get scared of small things.

35) Master the Art of Timing : The 48 Laws of Power summary

You should know what to say at what time. If someone is sad, then he should not be scolded at that time. This will make him angry. will not respect you. At that time you should show sympathy. But if he makes a mistake intentionally. Then you should be strict.

36) Disdain Things You Cannot Have: Ignoring Theme is the Best Revenge

When something is out of your reach, yet you insist on getting it, then by this
You are harmed. Due to stubbornness, so many kings and maharajas got lost in the dust of time. So do not make such goals. Try to achieve the goal from which you benefit.

37) Create Compelling Spectacles : The 48 Laws of Power summary

Wear nice clothes, talk warmly, travel the world, and tell people about your adventures.
This will make people attracted to you. You will also feel inspired by your words.

38) Think As You Like, But Behave Like Others

Speak as others want to hear. This will make him consider you a good person. For example, if someone is wearing new shoes, then you should compliment them. Of course, you may not like the color of those shoes.

The 48 Laws of Power summary

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39) Stir Up Waters to Catch Fish : The 48 Laws of Power summary

You always stay calm. But make the enemy angry. In anger, the enemy will make some mistake, for which you will get a political advantage. But you keep yourself in restraint. Because anger destroys the mind. You can’t think properly.

You must have seen lawyers doing this. Don’t get excited yourself. But asks such questions to the witness and the victim so that they become disturbed. And say something wrong. Then they take advantage of that.

40) Despise the Free Lunch

Do not take anything from anyone for free. By this, you will be buried under the favor of that man. then that too You may ask for something that you do not want to give. Many times there is no quality in the free thing.

41) Avoid Stepping Into a Great Man’s Shoes

You will not get any benefit from repeating what great people have done. Like thousands of people have gone to Mount Everest till now but who knows their names?

But the whole world remembers the one who went for the first time. So keep a different goal for yourself. And make your way for that. Do something that no one has done before. With this, you too can become great one day.

42) Strike the Shepherd to Scatter the Sheep : The 48 Laws of Power summary

If you want to control a group, try removing its leader. This will cause turmoil in the group.
This is the reason why big leaders have been assassinated from time to time. This creates panic among the public.

43) Work on The Hearts and Minds of Others

Every man has dreams and desires. But his mind gets stuck. Like one may wish to go to Goa but the brain starts giving its logic: Why waste money! It’s the age now. etc etc.

If you want to control others, understand their heart and mind. Then talk to them in the same way that both are satisfied. Many methods of this are given in the book.

The 48 Laws of Power summary

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44) Disarm and Infuriate with the Mirror effect

Mirror means mirror. You start behaving like your enemy. If he supports communism then you should also support him. With this, he will consider you on his side. But you can cheat him when the opportunity comes. And eight can eat.

45) Preach the Need for Change, But Never Reform Too Much at Once

For example, if you want to change a habit of your friend, then keep telling him about it.
But that won’t change in a day. So ask yourself little by little to achieve your goal.

Politicians take great advantage of this rule. They do not want to resolve any dispute quickly. Because quarrels and riots help them in winning elections.

46) Never Appear Too Perfect

Never try to look perfect. Even if you are perfect, deliberately show any shortcomings. This will make people look like you. They won’t even be jealous of you. And will not even go against you.

47) Do Not go Past The Mark You Aimed For, In
Victory, Know When to Stop

When you have achieved victory on whose goal, stop. Don’t persist after that. This can make people call you crazy or greedy. After defeating the enemy, give him a chance to think of a treaty. Don’t be more brutal.

48) Assume Formlessness : The 48 Laws of Power summary

Do not stick to one image or form. Rather learn to adapt to any form according to the times. People don’t call you rude. Nor friendly. Be tough-tempered or big-hearted as needed. People will always be surprised by this. And you will always remain a mystery to them.

The 48 Laws of Power Summary

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