The 4 Hour Work Week Summary In English

The 4 Hour Work Week Summary – The name of the famous book whose book summary in English is going to be given today is Four hour work week by Tim Ferris.

If you want to start your own online business along with a job then this book can be very beneficial for you. Later you can leave the job and spend full time in business.

Friends, do you know how much time you spend every week on the job?

The answer is – about 36 hours.

Let’s see how?

If you do a 9 to 5 job, then you have to work for about 6 hours a day.

So 6 X 6 =36 hours in 6 days of the week.


We give so much time to the job! How little time can we really give to ourselves?

But this book tells how you can start a successful business by working only 4 hours a week.

Where 36 hours and where 4!

How cool would it be if we had to work only 4 hours a week and the rest of the time was fun! So this book tells this secret.

This book has become quite famous and is also included in the bestseller list of the New York Times.

Let’s read the main points of the book summary:

You can easily remember this book if you remember the simple formula given in it. The formula is =DEAL

Which means –

  1. D = Define
  2. E = Eliminate
  3. A = Automation
  4. L = Liberate

Let us now understand these 4 points of DEAL one by one.

The 4 Hour Work Week Summary

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D = Define : The 4 Hour Work Week Summary

Tim says that you first define your goal. See what talent you have. Or in which work do you have the most interest?

Choose the same goal in which you are interested. Not what your parents or society are imposing on you.

Set yourself apart from others and don’t be afraid to do so. People will criticize you but you only focus on your goal. One day seeing your success, you will give yourself an example.

After defining the goal, think about the action you have to take to accomplish the goal and make a strategy.

Example: Nowadays many students keep non-medical under the pressure of each other or under the pressure of family members. Even if they are not interested in it.

Many fail. Many get caught in the trap of private colleges. Even those who become engineers do not get jobs. Because there is so much competition because the sheep move.

On the other hand, if the same student becomes a chef by doing hotel management (or any other course) with his interest, then he can also get work in foreign hotels and can earn twice as much as an engineer in India, along with enjoying life.

The 4 Hour Work Week Summary

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E = Eliminate : The 4 Hour Work Week Summary

Now let us understand the second point. Eliminate means to remove.

Tim says that you should remove the unnecessary things that come in the way of online business.


  • extravagant clients’
  • rubbish emails
  • Useless software and apps

All these waste your time and you are not able to pay attention to important things.

If you start reading 1000 emails a day then you will go crazy.

Wasteful clients keep arguing with you while there is nothing to buy. (In the Automation part below, Tim has explained how to eliminate it.)

Tim explains that money is not everything to get rich, there are two other important things too. They are:

Time and Mobility

Suppose your job is paying you a lot of money. But you have to leave at 9 o’clock and leave at 5 o’clock.

So when will you use your money? When will you enjoy life, when you will be busy with your job all the time?

The second important thing is mobility

Meaning can you continue your online business even by going to a place like Singapore or Bali?

Can you be so mobile? (By mobile, means the person who can do movement, that is, he can come and go anywhere in the world of his own free will)

The answer is yes. This is what is special about this book. An online business can be done by staying in any corner of the world.

Because what is an online business – your laptop (with internet).

Just pick up the laptop and go anywhere in the world. Walk around there and give one or two hours to the business too.

Like blogger or you-tuber do.

The 4 Hour Work Week Summary

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A = Automation : The 4 Hour Work Week Summary

Friends, you must know the meaning of automating – automatic or automatic running.

Meaning you have to do something so that your online business continues on its own. And you don’t have to do anything special.

In this part of the book, Tim has told how you can start an online business that continues to work automatically.

With this, you will get Time, Mobility, and Money. And you will be able to become really rich.

Suppose you want to set up an online business, then you can outsource everything by not doing it yourself. Meaning you can get it done by someone else. Nowadays experts on everything are found online.

Let us understand with an example:

1) If you want to start a blog, then first decide on the topic and niche. Take a topic in which you are also interested and you can give valuable information to the readers as well.

Otherwise, the blog will not be able to run.

2) After this you have to create a website or blog. If you do not know how to create a website or blog, then you can find a web developer on the internet.

A website named Freelancer is considered very good for this. Or you can also learn on you-tube.

3) The next task will be to put good articles or posts on the blog. If you do not want to write the post yourself, then you can find a content writer on a website like Fiverr. Who will write the post for you at a cheap price?

4) For blog promotion, you can use social media like Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, pinterest, etc.

5) Can hire a virtual manager to handle phone calls and emails.

Friends, this is just the summary of the book. But the book is full of thousands of such secret website links that you may have never even heard of.

And which will not be found even on the internet. Many online business ideas are also given.

If you want to know about them, then you can buy the book online from here. Click here and buy at discount.

How to set up an online business in the book – has been explained in a very simple way from beginning to end.

The book has many examples and much information about discount plans, offers, cheap hotels, coupons, deals, etc.

Many millionaires around the world have read and recommended this book.

There is no other source of knowledge other than books. That’s why everyone should inculcate the habit of reading.

So the conclusion is that automating your online business will save you a lot of time, which you can spend on traveling, taking new courses, and learning new skills. You can also spend quality time with friends and family.

The 4 Hour Work Week Summary

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L = Liberate

In the fourth part of the book, Tim Ferris explains what should you do when your business goes on and you start getting rich so that you can be liberated, that is, you can live life freely.

They say that you take a mini-retirement every once in a while.

What do people usually do – spend their whole life in the job. And take full retirement in old age.

At that time they definitely have time and money. But in old age, can one move around so much? Or can enjoy it with as much enthusiasm as in the days of youth?

And then in their spare time, the man will also become a bore. After all, who would like to be free for so long (20 – 30 years) after retirement?

It is better than this to take a mini-retirement of 2 – 3 years in between the online business.

Chill a lot at that time. Relax. Travel the world

Know for sure that this will remove all the fatigue of your brain. You’ll feel more energetic, fresh, and productive than ever.

And when you return to work again, you will be able to work with four times as much power. This will make your online business even better. You will earn even more money.

Due to being on automation, the online business will continue on its own for so long.

Two Rules Of High Productivity

Friends, apart from DEAL, Tim has also given two very important rules in this book. By applying these rules in your life, you can also become very productive. And can achieve more than others in less time.

These are the rules:

1) Pareto Principle or Rule of 80 /20

According to this rule, 80% of what you do in business is useless. Only 20% is important.

You should identify that 20% and focus on that. You will get the benefit only because of this 20 percent. The rest will only waste your time.

Like 80 percent of your customers may be wasteful and do not even want to pay you. If they just waste your time by talking nonsense, then throw such people away.

But there will also be 20% who appreciate your work and want to pay you. You pay attention to those 20 percent. Give them more value.

Only this 20% will make you rich. In this way, your precious time will not be wasted. And the mind will also be calm.

2) Parkinson’s rule

According to this rule, the amount of time we give to any work, that work takes as long as itself.

Let us understand its meaning in simple words.

Suppose a teacher assigns an English assignment to the children of two sections of the same class. He gives one week time to section A and one month to section B.

If you check after a week, then the children of Section A will have completed the assignment in a week.

But many children of Section B may not have started anything for a week. Whereas if he wanted, he could also do the assignment in a week. Like the children of Section A did.

Because Section B got one month’s time, his mind made a program according to 1 month. While the work was only for a week.

Therefore, if you want to do some work fast, then give it less time. With this, you will speed it up.

The 4 Hour Work Week Summary

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