The 10x Rule Summary In English

The 10x rule summary – 10X Rule motivates us toward success. It tells us how we can take our business as well as ourselves to heights that even our eyes are not able to reach today. By reading this, you can completely change your thinking as well as your financial condition.

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  • If you are a manager and you need motivation.
  • If you are a businessman and looking for ways to get success.
  • If you want to think and do something big.

The 10x rule summary

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Grant Cardone is a Sales Training Expert working with companies around the world. He is also the owner of three companies.

Chapter: 01 – Push your limits to reach bigger destinations.

Different people look at success in different ways. But it is very difficult to know success. For years people have tried easy to get success but most people failed in it. Most lifestyle gurus are salesmen of old ideas who know all the slogans of success but they do not know how to lead people towards success.

In this lesson, we will look at the 10X rule for success. These lessons are based on the experience of a top sales trainer and a successful businessman. In the following lesson, we will be told how by following this simple rule, we can achieve the success that used to be beyond our reach.

  1. Why you should put your everything at stake.
  2. Why should we let children make decisions?
  3. Why You Shouldn’t Care About Customer Satisfaction.

The 10x rule summary

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Chapter: 02 – 10X rule means invest 10 times more and go 10 times more

You will find many such books in the library which will tell you how to achieve success. But choosing the right one out of so many ways is a very difficult task. So before you go looking for another success formula, take a look at the 10X rule. This rule can definitely get you success.

The 10X rule says that you have to work hard to be successful. You have to work 10 times harder than you thought. You will get success in business only when you invest 10 times more than your competitors. So if you want to sell a product and you are planning to make 10 phone calls a day for that then you have to make 100 phone calls a day.

You can achieve much more with the 10X rule. The second part of the 10X rule is that your dreams should be 10 times bigger than your reality. For this, you have to dream those dreams which are probably beyond your dreams. It is better to lose by dreaming small dreams than to lose by dreaming big.

For example, if you want to become a writer, instead of writing a short story of two pages, think about writing a novel. Because even if you write a two-page story, you will not consider yourself a writer

In this way, the 10X rule motivates us to dream big and work harder.

The 10x rule summary

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Chapter: 03 – 10X Rule With the help of this rule, you can use your full power to achieve bigger things than your expectations

History is witness that only having a good product does not give you success. To be successful in the market, you must have the right attitude. For this, you must have the skill to deal with problems. Therefore, the 10X rule also prepares you for the challenges to come.

If you are following the 10X rule then you will have to face every problem that comes your way. Imagine if you have to sell 1 lakh items in your product line while other salesmen are able to sell only ten thousand. Your goal like this means that you will have a lot of orders that will make you successful while others will fail.

The 10X rule also gives many guidelines for success. People often think that success is only for others and not for them. You have to get out of this illusion because there is no limit to success. Whatever people say, everyone can achieve success. With 10X thinking, you can achieve success without harming others.

For example, if you bring a new cell phone to the market, you are making a positive contribution. You are doing good to all. Other businessmen may look at you with jealousy, but they can also learn something from you and achieve success. In this way, with the help of the 10X rule, you can push yourself to achieve everything and use your power to the fullest.

For example, take Sonu Sharma, the founder of Dynamic India Group. By the age of 25, he was a middle-class boy whom people considered unworthy. But one day a friend of his joined him with a network marketing group. Then he changed his thinking and forced himself to achieve what was beyond his reach.

In the coming lesson, you will see how you too can achieve success by applying this rule in your life.

The 10x rule summary

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Chapter: 04 – Face the challenges : The 10x Rule Summary

When we are faced with a challenge, we either do nothing at all, turn back, face it in a normal way or face it boldly. If you want to be successful, you have to face the challenges firmly.

When you are faced with a challenge, ignore your weaknesses and face them with full force. Don’t think about how hard you have to work for that. You just face that challenge boldly. If you want to sell any of your products, do not stop working until it is sold.

You have to take responsibility to be successful. Only you can bring you success. Look at the destinations, not the dangers. If you are average, then increase your limits and make yourself extraordinary. This world is full of average people. If you only think about tomorrow or the day after, you are trying to be average. To become extraordinary, you have to think far. Being average means you can break at any time. In the financial crisis of 2008, most middle-class people became poor.

Being average is not enough. If you want to be successful forever, you have to dream 10 times bigger than the average.

The 10x rule summary

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Chapter: 05 – If you want to achieve the greatest success then you have to put everything at stake.

If you’ve ever played poker, you know that being all in is very risky. In this, you either win everything or lose everything. But in real life, it is not so risky to put everything at stake. Putting everything at stake in the 10X rule means putting all your efforts and energy into moving forward with new ideas to achieve your goals.

First of all, you have to set goals that you can be motivated to achieve. And then you have to put everything at stake for that goal of yours. If you dream big, you will have to face big problems. Often people break down in such situations.

That’s why you have to use your mind to do everything that will give you success. You learn from unsuccessful people and do not repeat their abuses. To deal with such troubles, you have to let your dreams rule you. You have to make your dreams your reason for living.

You can learn a lot from children. When he finds something new, he gives all his energy and time to it. You too have to do the same to reach your destination. When people see you working so hard, they too will start following the path you have made. But if you fail, they will stop trusting you. That’s why you have to stop making excuses and being afraid of losing and just focus on your destination. If you fail then you don’t have to worry about that. You go ahead.

The 10x rule summary

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Chapter: 06 – Control your time and your emotions and always keep learning something or the other

In the 10X rule, you have to keep in mind that you always have to keep learning something new. You learn a lot on the way to success. Take your mind off the things that keep you from working. Keep your eyes only on your destination. In times of financial crisis, most people are busy securing their assets. You only worry about your goals. If you are moving ahead a bit, then you need not fear.

Often people get scared that if they go too far they will start burning with them, which is not a good thing. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Has Facebook and Coca-Cola gone ahead with any problems for them?

You have to control your time and your emotions. Also prepare your mind to overcome these two things. You have to try to achieve as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Work with your time in mind and learn to use it properly.

We can take Mukesh Ambani for example. He gets up every morning at 5:30 and works till late at night. People who know him closely attribute his success to his time management skills.
Feelings like fear and pride can hold you back. Fear of risk can keep you away from your destination. Being too proud will make you hate taking feedback.

If you are faced with such feelings, then you have to overcome them and keep moving towards your goal.

The 10x rule summary

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Chapter: 07 – You choose the target which you like : The 10x Rule Summary

Now that you know how to apply the 10X rule to your life, you should also know how to choose your goal.

Don’t do what the people around you do. Take for example customer satisfaction.

We all are told that customer satisfaction is very important. But most companies do not have many customers. So they have to increase their customers first. You should put your energy into finding new customers.

Most successful companies like Google and Apple first increased their customers. He knew that when more and more people used his brand, he would go further.

You have to always keep in mind that customer feedback will always benefit you. With this, you can correct your mistakes. You have to make a mark for yourself in the market. For example, when people think of MP3 players, they think of Apple, when they think of app-based mobility services, they think of Ola. These companies have created a reputation for their work and proudly promote it.

Once you have chosen your goal, start working towards achieving it. Considering your destination, make a list of your work and do it. So if you want to sell 100000 units you have to find a way to reach that. Should you increase your marketing budget for this or should you advertise?

Once you have made a list of your work, then you should see what is working for you and what is not by doing.

Last Words : The 10x Rule Summary

The 10X Rule is about expanding your goals and focus to achieve what is beyond your imagination and reach. With a 10X Mindset, you can move toward your goals by thinking bigger, working harder, and getting more motivated.

The 10x rule summary

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