Murder on the Orient Express Summary

In Murder on the orient express once Detective Poirot was traveling to London by a train called Oriental Express. He got a seat with great difficulty. Only then does he see that his friend Bouc was also in the same berth. Apart from this, about 13 more passengers were also in the same berth.

Just then a man named Ratchett comes to Poirot and says that someone is trying to kill him. And he saves her. But Poirot did not like him at all. And says that he cannot help her. After this Ratchett goes to his compartment.

The next morning a scream is heard from Ratchett’s room. When the conductor knocks on his door, it is said from inside in French – all is well. I was deceived a bit.

After this, a woman named Hubbard rings the bell of her berth. and tells the conductor that someone was in her berth. But the conductor looks across the berth, but there was no one there.

Poirot rings the bell for water. The conductor brings water for him and tells him that the train has stopped due to heavy snowfall.

The next morning Poirot wakes up and sees that the train was still stopped. Bouc comes and tells Poirot that someone has killed Ratchett. And the murderer is probably still on the train. Because there is so much snow outside that anyone will die.

Poirot goes and checks Ratchett’s compartment. Ratchett’s body was lying on the floor and his body was stabbed 12 times. The compartment window was open. But there were no footprints outside. This means the murderer did not run away.

There is also a handkerchief on which H was written. Apart from this, a match and burnt paper are found. Armstrong was written on the paper.

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From that piece of paper, Poirot learns who Ratchett was. He was a kidnapper named Cassetti. Many years ago he kidnapped 3-year-old girl Daisy Armstrong.

In exchange for leaving him, he took a large sum of money from the Armstrong family. But he had already killed Daisy. Upon learning of all this, Daisy’s pregnant mother gives birth to a premature baby. Due to this both she and the child die.

After this Daisy’s father shot himself because of this grief.

In this way, the whole family was destroyed. Cassetti had fled to another country and was now living as Ratchett.

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Poirot then interrogates all the passengers one by one. But everyone seems innocent.

One doubts the other. Like a man named Hector knew that a note was written Armstrong had been found. Similarly, Mrs. Hubbard says that maybe the murderer came to her room. But nobody gets anyone there.

That’s why many people say that they saw a lady who was wearing a red kimono at night.
Everyone’s luggage is checked but the red Kimono is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Poirot notices that the luggage of a woman named Countess Andrenyi was somewhat wet. And the label of his name was also erased from the water. As if she was trying to hide her identity.

After checking everyone’s luggage, Poirot and Bouc start discussing the case. And make a list of all the facts. Poirot is immersed in deep thought.

Murder on the Orient Express Book Summary - Written by Agatha Christie

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Suddenly he says that he has solved this mystery. He calls everyone and starts revealing everyone’s real identities one by one.

The 12 passengers present there were somehow related to Daisy Armstrong’s family. Countess Andrenyi was Daisy’s aunt. Among the rest of the passengers, there was a Daisy’s governess, then a family’s butler, clerk, or any other relative.

Everyone was saddened by the destruction of the Armstrong family and wanted to take revenge on Cassetti.

So all those 12 people made this plan together and killed Cassetti. That’s why there were marks of 12 knives on his body.
But Poirot does not directly blame them. He says that he has two theories about Cassetti’s murder.

According to the first theory, someone must have boarded the previous station and had run away from the window after killing Cassetti. And according to the second theory, all those 12 people together killed Cassetti.

Only then Mrs. Hubbard says that the second theory is true. And she was the mastermind of this murder.

But Poirot tells his friend Bouc to tell the police that the murder took place according to the first theory. So that all of them can be saved.

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