Grit Book Summary in English

How do some people achieve so much in life? While others are unable to do so even after trying. Is it because of Grit? Read Grit book summary in English

What is Grit?

Friends, Grit means perseverance i.e. the courage to keep doing some work continuously.

There is tremendous grit in all achievers. They are never satisfied. And constantly keep on perfecting his work. They are never satisfied with their work. They always want to achieve their goal in life.

And for this, they have indomitable strength and courage to face pain, suffering, failure, and frustration.

That’s why you also create Grit inside yourself. Only then will you be able to achieve something big in life. And will be able to rise above the average people.

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Talent vs Effort : Source Grit Book Summary

Many people believe that people who are successful have some talent or the other. Also, they think that they don’t have any talent so maybe they can never be successful.

But the author says that it is not true. Unless a person makes effort or effort, his talent is of no use.

Many people have the talent to become a writer. Or acting skills. But they do not work on that talent due to some compulsion. And because of this, they are not able to succeed. All his life he keeps on doing some job in some office.

On the other hand, students who fail in class later become very successful entrepreneurs or politicians. They don’t even have any special talent. But they do Effort. By failing continuously, they already know what the pain of failure is. And they are no longer afraid of that pain.

That’s why such people become very successful in life without talent and even without a degree.

So, friends, talent is not everything. The effort is also a lot. Anyway, talent is a diamond covered with clay. If the soil on it is not removed, it will never shine.

So identify your talent and then put some effort into it. You will surely be successful.

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Talent vs. Skill ( Grit book summary)

One can be successful even without talent. The writer says that talent is natural. But skill is something that any man can learn.

Suppose you do not have the talent to drive a car, but if you take a car driving course, then you will learn to drive a car.

Similarly, if you do not know computer and study it, then you will become an expert in them.

So in this way, if you want to learn anything, you can learn it. By working on it continuously.

It takes time to learn a skill. So don’t think that you can learn a skill in no time.

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Grit Goals

A gritty goal should be made in life. Meaning a big goal that will change your life. But to achieve such a goal, you have to give both effort and time.

You have to develop the strength to face failure. Nothing gets achieved without failing.

You must have seen that some people sell vegetables on the street since childhood. And they get old thereby selling them. His whole life is spent there. Because they have a small goal. They only think that how many vegetables they will be able to sell today.

But if they make big goals with Grit, then their life can change. Like you can set up a restaurant by collecting your savings.

After that any business or start-up. It will take years. There will also be a decrease. But in old age, such a man will be very successful and also rich. He won’t always be a vegetable seller.

Similarly, nowadays many Gritty people are starting an online businesses along with jobs. The best model is the blog itself. Today it takes 2-3 years for a blog to grow. But those who do not have Grit leave it in 6 months. Because they think they have failed.

But such people have to bring Grit inside themselves. Even if you fail, you have to be persistent. Think how much his life will change after 5 years. After that, he will not have to do anything till his death. The blog will keep earning on its own and giving it to them.

So don’t make small goals like this. Rather, make a goal full of grit.

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The Four Qualities of a Gritty Person

A man full of grit has these four qualities:

  • They are full of passion.
  • They are interested in their work and do it with all their heart.
  • They just drown in it.
  • They are not even aware of day and night. And by doing all this they do not get tired.

They keep practicing. Whatever talent they have, they keep practicing it. And that too without reward. Like JK Rowling, who wrote Harry Potter, had no book printed for 45 years. But till then she kept writing something or the other. It is not that she has written such a good book all of a sudden. Rather, she had worked hard on his talent for years. So if you have any talent then keep practicing it. Whether anyone appreciates him or not.

Such people have a purpose in life. Like they want to eradicate their poverty first by using their talent. They want to help the family. And then want to do charity for society. This purpose keeps them engaged in their work.

Such people are always full of hope. No matter how difficult it may be, they do not despair. They know that to keep trying is the only way to learn anything new.


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