Deep Work Book Summary In English

Deep Work Book Summary

Any work is done in 2 ways,

  1. Shallow Work,
  2. Deep Work

Shallow work is that in which while working, keep paying attention to other things as well. Like checking mail, and replying to any msg. open social media Doing many things at once Which people also call multitasking.

Deep Work is to do one thing at a time with full attention. Keep doing the work without any distractions until the work is completed. In which he puts his full potential, due to which his skill also improves and he does such work which other people cannot copy.

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Why is Deep Work Important?

Whatever work we do in a shallow way, it will become automatic after a few years or it will be replaced by some machinery. That is why there is no future in shallow work. If anyone has made his place in this fast-changing technology world, then he should come to deep work. Because it’s a rare skill.

In this competitive world, two types of people can make their place. The first one who can learn the new technology faster and do the work better and the second one who is a master in his field. Taking difficult tasks into one’s hands and finishing them at the right time can make a person a true winner. That is why if you want to become an expert in your field, then you have to learn to do the work with full attention without getting distracted.

Only then will that person be able to make his true identity. Those who want to be experts in their field, who want to grow their business, or those people who want to bring extraordinary results, need to learn this art of Deep Work.

Deep Work Book Summary

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Benefits of Deep Work?

By doing one thing at a time, productivity will increase and quality will also be better.

Your ability to work will be fully utilized, which will improve your skills. And you will be able to become a high performer that no one will be able to copy.

Due to the absence of distraction, the work can be completed within a short time. Whether it is to be better at your job or crack an exam by studying. Deep work is the technique by which more things will be covered in less time.

Deep Work Book Summary

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Why is Shallow Work Bad?

The reason for this is Attention Residue. This means when we are doing one thing and at that time we focus on other work. and then go back to our first task. Then our brain is not able to fully return to the work before. 20% of the attention remains on other work. As if you are working on a project and at the same time msg came on your phone.

You checked the msg and then started working on your project. In such a situation, your attention remains on the msg for some time. Due to this, you are not able to make full use of your potential level. There is also a chance of making mistakes from such shallow work. And it takes more time to complete the work. That’s why shallow work is not quite right to become a high performer.

Extraordinary people are only those people who make full use of their potential and keep their focus on their goals.

Deep Work Book Summary

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How does deep work? : Source Deep Work Book Summary

Our brain also works like a muscle. Meaning, that as much as any part of the muscle is used, it is stronger. Similarly, there is a neuron circuit in the brain. When we do shallow work, that neuron circuit gets stronger. If we keep paying attention to many things again and again, then it makes our minds get used to the same kind of work. And you think that suddenly one day you will bring extraordinary results by doing one thing with full attention, then it is difficult.

Because like going to the gym, if you are exercising with equipment made of thermocol and think that you will become very strong and powerful then can it happen, is it not? Similarly, due to the habit of doing distracting work, again and again, you will never suddenly be able to focus your attention on one task.

But if you want to do small work or big when you keep your full attention on that work. Without distracting you from anything, your brain’s neuronal circuit starts to get stronger. And a white tissue called my line starts to form on it. It is best for my line to form, as this white tissue acts as an insulator. It increases your ability to concentrate more. That’s why then you start working with more focus. To finish the work that people take weeks, you are able to finish them in hours.

Deep Work Book Summary

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4 Laws of Deep Work : Source Deep Work Book Summary

It is easy to know that deep work is valuable. But it is difficult to make it a habit. Because most people are victims of distraction. He has been used to multitasking. But just like any skill can be learned through practice. In the same way, by following the 4 rules of deep work, one can become proficient in deep work. And those 4 rules are:

  • Work Deeply
  • Embrace The Boredom Embrace Boredom
  • Quit Social Media Stop using social media
  • Drain The Shallows Get Rid of Surface Work

Rule 1: Work Deeply

Doing one thing with full attention. It may take a lot of willpower to do this. But when we make a routine or follow a ritual, then it becomes easy to do the work with full attention. And gradually it gets incorporated into our habits. Most successful people do their whole day’s work in a routine. Make many rituals, and only then do they become so successful.

If you always work without getting distracted and think that if there is a need, then one day you will be able to work with full attention. So it is not possible for this to happen. It would be good if you make small rituals and follow your work with the same ritual.

Rule 2: Embrace The Boredom Embrace Boredom

In today’s time, we are so used to technology that even if there is a little boredom, then we start using the internet. Our brain demands distraction from us. But learn to substitute boredom for deep work. Because sometimes the brain works with full potential. And by doing nothing for some time, he can regain his energy.

Whenever you’re bored, take a deep breath. Do a short walk or light exercise. Explain to the mind what you want or what you want to think, later you will find the time. With this, you will gradually learn the art of deep work.

Rule 3: Quit Social Media Stop using social media

Using social media has become so common that people find it difficult to spend time without it. But this eats up the most precious time of the people. That’s why the author suggests giving up social media. With which you can devote your limited time and attention to your important work.

Rule 4: Drain The Shallows Get rid of superficial work

You can make better use of your time when you follow a proper routine. To make a good product/service, you have to stop your attention from wandering. That’s why whenever you sit for deep work, remove all the small distractions. Keep all the essentials close by so that you don’t have to get up again and again.

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How to do Deep Work? : Source Deep Work Book Summary

The author, in his book Deep Work, has suggested many practical methods along with their benefits and needs. No skill can be acquired in one go. Will also feel like doing quite a lot again and again. But by keeping trying, you only learn that skill. In the same way, you will be able to learn the skill of deep work. Which you can do in 4 ways.

  • Monastic
  • Bimodal
  • Rhythmic
  • Journalism

Monastic Approach

Like a saint leaves everything and goes to the forest and sits there meditating. The deep work approach is similar. In which you remove yourself from all the people and distractions. And go to an isolated place and do deep work.

When Bill Gates was working at the beginning of Microsoft, then he was staying away from everyone and focused only on coding. He was so lost in the work that many times he used to sleep near the keyboard. Then after taking a few hours of sleep, he used to start coding again. With this, he then laid the foundation of Microsoft’s basic programming. And today he has been so successful.

Bimodal Approach

In this, you work a few days a week or a few hours apart and do deep work. And the rest of the time can work normally. For example, fix such a place in the house. Where you will work only on your goal without getting distracted. and nothing else.

Rhythmic Approach

In this, you can create a time block. You can keep a schedule of deep work at a fixed time every day or a few days a week. And you can only do deep work on the same time block. By which you will remain in your flow and work will continue to be done properly. Most people are more energetic in the morning. So you fix a few hours in the morning for deep work.

Journalism Approach

Like in journalism, whenever a new story comes, it is processed immediately. Similarly, whenever you get a chance during the day, you can engage in deep work. Even if it’s for a few hours, you can start deep work anytime, anywhere.

Shut Down : Source Deep Work Book Summary

The mind gets tired after doing deep work. That’s why give yourself rest by finishing the work. Every day we can do deep work for a few hours. Because the focus level of our brain is limited. 1-hour deep work is more effective than 3 hours of shallow work. That is why it is necessary to shut down work.

After finishing work, turn off your laptop or book and relax. With which you will be able to regain your energy. And on the second day, you will be able to go to deep work again. There are many people who keep thinking about work even after coming home after finishing their work. Due to this, they cannot remain relaxed. And their mind cannot get rest.

Like it is necessary to take complete rest after working hard. Similarly, it is necessary to chill completely after deep work. When the job is over, stop thinking about it. and give yourself complete rest. Then you will be able to do better work.

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Conclusion Of Deep Work Book Summary

Deep work is a rare skill, by learning it you can reach the peak of your potential. How many people do you know among those you know who do deep work? You will find very few or no equal people who do deep work. That’s why when you start working deep then you will be able to make a good service or product.

To do deep work it is very important to know one thing that is your goal. What do you want to achieve? Have to crack an exam or get a job post. Set your goal and embrace the skill of deep work.

There will be a lot of difficulties in the beginning, but you will overcome them by trying again and again. In the book Deep Work, Cal Newport has told many techniques, which will make it easier for you to do deep work. You must read this book. You will be able to make your life much better by learning this rare deep work skill. You will find the link to buy the book below.

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