What is Comparisonkaro?
Comparisonkaro is going to be India’s most loved books store. Comparisonkaro is working on building the biggest platform for book comparison. We are working to get all the books available in the market for you so that you can get your favorite books for free or at the best available prices in the market.

Who are we?

We are a passionate young team working on improving the decision-making in selecting the books of a billion Indians. Our research team is working to get the best books at the lowest rates in the market.

The values that we stand for:

ComparisonKaro is the only store in India that compares book prices and gives you comfort. Comparisonkaro in its journey started with the motive of being different in everything that we do. And we are going to build an amazing book store where you will find your favorite books easily. We approach doing things differently in every activity that we do. We are young and passionate and our only motive is to grow India as much as we can.
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